Evernym and IBM team up to accelerate adoption of self-sovereign identity

In my previous posts, I highlighted the Job-Creds POC — a self-sovereign identity (SSI) collaboration between Evernym, IBM, and others, and most recently introduced Evernym’s Accelerator program. In this article, I’m excited to introduce an expanded partnership with IBM, with the sole goal of propelling early adopters of decentralized identity from proof-of-concept to pilot.

So how did we get here? If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend one of Gartner’s recent IAM or security-related events, you might have seen Job-Creds cited as one of the leading and most exciting examples of SSI-done-right, along with their increasingly bullish predictions on the impact of decentralized identity on the world.

At Evernym, we’re experiencing the increasing SSI drumbeat firsthand: just six months after launch, we now have 25 organizations in our first-of-its-kind Accelerator program, and we’re seeing an amazing diversity of interest from banks and governments to telcos, NGOs, and universities. It’s a testament to the strategic significance of the technology that, in many instances, membership comes with direct C-Suite sponsorship. Like us, forward-thinking CEO’s believe that SSI will change everything.

While our Accelerator program is proving to be fertile ground for getting hands-on with Evernym’s suite of SSI products and as a base from which to evaluate the opportunities at hand, we’re increasingly working with organizations for whom proof point milestones have already been met. Our partner CULedger, for example, has already moved from POC to pilot stage, and together we have eyes on the widespread production roll-out of MyCUiD.

CULedger isn’t alone — ambitious teams like those at Truu, ATB Financial, and the Province of Ontario, are actively building out pilots or aiming to go straight into early production. In fact, British Columbia is already live, contributing to Hyperledger Indy and leveraging Sovrin for their revolutionary VON offering. 2019 truly is the year that self-sovereign identity will step into the limelight.

Re-enter IBM, who we’ve been collaborating with since mid-2017 and who has become one of our most trusted allies in the mission to right today’s digital identity woes. As one of the most trusted names in technology for many decades, their early support of Sovrin was a game-changer, and they have been wonderful ambassadors for self-sovereign identity amongst the traditionally change-averse Enterprise crowd.

With that in mind, it gives me great pleasure to introduce an expanded 2019 partnership between Evernym and IBM, as well as a new joint offering.

The offering combines Evernym’s unique expertise and decentralized identity-enabling product suite, with IBM’s size, scale, and years of experience supporting enterprise technology deployment.

High-level benefits of the offering will include:

  • In-person collaboration with similar organizations aided by IBM Design Thinking practitioners to explore use-cases related to decentralized identity
  • Expert guidance from Evernym subject matter experts on technical, business, and policy considerations
  • Access to Evernym’s product suite, Verity, included with admission to Evernym’s Accelerator Program and with access to continued education, training, and networking with other members
  • Hands-on help moving from concept to pilot to production with the help of IBM Blockchain Labs

For organizations looking for a fast-track to the benefits SSI can provide at production scale, we believe the combination of IBM and Evernym products and services represents an exciting opportunity to work with two pioneers in the field.

For more information on our respective programs, please see the below websites, and do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you: