Evernym Joins with Other Solution Providers to Achieve Interoperability Milestone

Evernym has a vision of ubiquitous verifiable credentials that facilitate every trusted interaction in daily life. We have always recognized that adding a layer of trust to the Internet requires an ecosystem with many stakeholders, including multiple solution vendors. Such a layer demands open, interoperable standards that enable credential issuers, holders, and verifiers to choose between vendors that are competing in producing best-of-breed products.

We are proud that our open source contributions to projects hosted by Sovrin, Hyperledger, and the Trust over IP Foundation have become the basis for self-sovereign identity (SSI) products offered by many vendors and non-commercial entities. We have enjoyed our collaboration in these communities and are pleased that our customers benefit from the choices that are now available.

However, open standards, open protocols, and open source code are not all that is required for real-world interoperability. Different implementations need to be tested not just for compliance with the standards but for interoperability in practice. This process always requires close coordination and communication, as well as multiple rounds of tests. Fixes are usually required in each vendor’s products, the test suites, and the standards themselves.

Evernym first worked to pass the Aries Protocol Test Suite, and then we verified that we supported the communication patterns documented in the Aries Interop Profile v. 1. More recently, we tested other products in collaboration with the participants of the Trust over IP Technical Stack Working Group to prove interoperability.

We are excited to say that the core functions of self-sovereign identity, including connecting between decentralized identifiers (DIDs), issuing credentials, and fulfilling proofs, have been successfully tested with the following products.

Evernym’s Verity issuing to:

Evernym’s Connect.Me holding credentials issued from or proving to:

In addition, our goal is to ensure that applications built with the Evernym Mobile SDK have the same interoperability as those using our Connect.Me wallet.

We are currently collaborating with additional developers to add more products to this list. If you would like to test your products against Evernym’s offerings, please contact us.

While we consider this a major milestone, we also acknowledge that interoperability is a moving target. Evernym is constantly releasing new innovations, each application we interoperate with is also under active development, and the evolving needs of the community continually drive new interactions that need to be incorporated into the standards. If you find that we are unable to work with an application on this list, please let us know.

We express our appreciation for the friendly collaboration we’ve had with the developers of the applications on this list. Adoption of SSI solutions will happen faster due to the collective efforts of all these vendors.