June 2021 Release Notes

Connect.Me 1.5, Improved Verity Docs, and the Launch of Our Mobile SDK

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Evernym, and we want to provide a quick update on what our Engineering and Product teams have been working on.

Connect.Me 1.5

Connect.Me 1.5

Back in March, we released one of the biggest updates yet for our Connect.Me digital wallet product. Driven largely by usability feedback from our customers, this release introduced:

  • A new “My Credentials” view (seen above, left), where users can browse their stored credentials in a familiar card-like interface
  • A redesigned “My Connections” view (above, middle), where users can browse the list of trusted organizations and other parties they’ve connected with
  • A simplified and more intuitive user experience for accepting and sharing credentials (above, right)
  • Support for <, >, =, <= and >= predicates when using CL Signatures

Additionally, we’ve improved Connect.Me’s performance and speed. Specifically, we optimized notifications to retrieve more frequently and update more quickly when the user forces a check.

Future releases will also allow the user to present a QR code for a verifier to scan (reversing the current default where the user scans a code presented by the verifier). This is expected to speed up the verification process and provide a better in-person verification experience.

Mobile SDK

Introducing the Evernym Mobile SDK

As you may have seen in this morning’s blog post, we recently launched the General Availability release of our Mobile SDK, which enables developers to integrate Connect.Me-like digital wallet capabilities into existing mobile apps. We’ve been testing the solution with a select group of customers over the past month, and the SDK already powers live solutions like Bonifii’s MemberPass and IATA’s Travel Pass.

To learn more about the Mobile SDK and what you can do with it, see our launch announcement or check out the documentation and example code.

As part of the GA release, we will make the source code public under the Evernym Business Source License and distribute the artifacts through standard package management ecosystems such as NPM, CocoaPods.org, and Maven Central. This will make it easier to evaluate the SDK, examine the inner workings, and integrate the artifacts into your build processes. We will also be moving our public repositories from GitHub to GitLab to take advantage of the tooling there, although we will keep a synchronized read-only mirror in GitHub.

Future releases of the Mobile SDK will include a React Native bridge, a Swift library, and the ability for holders to present proofs as QR codes.


Our flagship digital credential platform, Verity, has come a long way since its launch last summer — we are fortunate and grateful to have received extensive feedback from our customers and the ever-increasing band of developers using the free tier of the product.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve added:

We’ve also greatly improved Verity’s performance and scalability, and incorporated improvements recommended by a third-party pentest firm.

Following our other products, we will be carrying out development for Verity and the Verity SDK in public repositories at GitLab.com, which will make it easier for us to accept external contributions. The existing repositories in GitHub.com will continue to be read-only mirrors of the development repositories.

Feedback? Comments? We’re all ears!

We’d love to know what you think about these latest updates — and how we can continue to improve. Please send any thoughts, questions, or comments our way by emailing us at info@evernym.com.