Login with Apple? Why login at all?

Apple iPhone Login
Engadget started their coverage of Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” announcement on Monday this way: “Apple’s WWDC 2019 was full of announcements, but few of them garnered as big a cheer from the crowd as when Sign in with Apple was introduced. The feature, which lets people use their Apple IDs to sign up for […]

Introducing the Alberta Credentials Ecosystem

When it comes to driving the adoption of decentralized identity, it truly does take a village. It takes credential issuers, credential verifiers, identity owners (consumers), and a behind-the-scenes army of blockchain engineers, cryptographers, and policy wonks all working in unison. And today, the Canadian province of Alberta has taken the first steps of building this village with the launch of the Alberta Credentials Ecosystem (ACE).

Decentralized Identity: What’s In It For Banks?

Want to read this post at a later time? Download it in PDF form here.   The financial world is grappling with requirements to be more controlled (regulated), and yet more flexible to the real-time 24/7 expectations of customers. Responding traditionally is just creating more technical and operational complexity and cost. Banks need to break […]

Hyperledger Aries: The Next Major Step Towards Interoperable SSI

Hyperledger Aries
Two weeks ago, I joined Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf at the Consensus blockchain conference in New York City to announce the newest addition to the Hyperledger family of blockchain-powered projects: Hyperledger Aries. Aries was born out of the work on identity agents and identity wallets that began in the Hyperledger Indy project. As a […]