Open Source Tools for Creating Digital Identities

Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK
Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK I joined Evernym as a Product Manager at the start of April, 2018. I was captured by Evernym’s ambition to provide every individual, organization, and connected device with secure and irrevocable identity. This identity will allow new relationships that will empower individuals as they participate in the modern technology-centered economy. You can […]

Evernym joins Hyperledger

Today it was officially announced that Evernym has joined Hyperledger. It may strike readers familiar with our history as odd to learn that we’ve just now officially become part of the effort, since we are the inventors of Hyperledger Indy, one of the five Hyperledger projects. But this is how it’s worked out. It might be worth reviewing the […]

Is Self-Sovereign Identity the ultimate GDPR compliance tool? (3 of 3)

Decentralized identity and data subject rights
In Part 3, the final part in this series, we examine the rights of individuals under the GDPR and examine how each one is supported by Sovrin and Evernym’s approach to self-sovereign identity.

Is Self-Sovereign Identity the ultimate GDPR compliance tool? (2 of 3)

Self-sovereign identity and GDPR compliance
In Part 2 of our series on self-sovereign identity and GDPR, we first examine how the Sovrin approach to SSI advances the core data protection principles set out in Article 5 of the Regulation, and secondly, how Sovrin meets the privacy by design and default requirements of Article 25.