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5 Ways KYC Is Changing Banking As We Know It

KYC (Know Your Customer)
KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations have existed in one form or another for the greater part of the last two decades. Launched to protect the financial system from being used to fund and conceal the profits from criminal activity, KYC/AML regulations originally came without standards specifying the types of information that […]

SSI: The Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Seattle Devcon Blockchain Conference 2019
A report on the Digital Identity session at Seattle Devcon The title says it all. Vaughan Emery, CEO of Datafi Labs in Seattle, wanted to grab the attention of developers attending Seattle Devcon—one of the Northwest’s largest annual blockchain conferences. He got it by emphasizing the sheer size of the digital identity problem that self-sovereign […]

Meet Connect.Me, the first Sovrin-based digital wallet

Connect.Me identity wallet
Today, we’re proud to say we are one step closer to a world of self-sovereignty—to a world where anyone can take back ownership of their digital identity—with the “general availability” release of Connect.Me, the first digital wallet app built on Sovrin. Connect.Me represents the first example of what giving control back to the individual consumer […]

3 Ways Improving Digital Identity Elevates Customer Experience

3 ways self-sovereign identity benefits the customer experience
Whether we’re thinking about the redundant forms used to collect usernames, passwords, and personal information, the endless passwords to keep up with, or the data breaches and identity theft to deal with, the role of digital identity in the customer experience currently leaves a lot to be desired. New technologies being developed for digital identity, […]

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