What makes Verity the platform of choice for production at scale?

Best-in-class technology, stability, uptime, performance, and support

The past few months have been busy for our Verity platform team, and we’re pleased to report several exciting achievements and milestones.

In March, we invited customers to participate in a beta program of Verity, our flagship digital credential platform. Thanks in large part to the feedback of these early testers, we were able to move to General Availability in June and have since onboarded hundreds of organizations.

The amount of engagement and feedback from our customer base has been nothing short of amazing, and we’re so very grateful. Accordingly we’ve worked hard to react and respond!

Over the past five months, we’ve had eight releases of Verity and have added:

  • Support for the Hyperledger Aries QuestionAnswer protocol
  • Support for the Hyperledger Aries Out-Of-Band protocol, which unlocks use cases such as logging in without requiring a username or password and introducing a ‘connectionless’ user experience where a proof request or credential offer is made without an initial connection step
  • Support for sending Out-Of-Band and connection invitations using short URLs and SMS
  • A .NET Wrapper for Verity SDK
  • Support for the Hyperledger Aries proposeProof protocol which simplifies the process of presenting Proof information from a wallet application
  • Support for the Hyperledger Aries BasicMessage protocol, which allows chat messaging
  • Several example applications and code samples that are using either Verity SDK or the Verity REST API and that can be run natively or in Docker
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes 🙂

But wait, there’s more!

As our customers roll out production deployments—often for mission critical use cases like the IATA Travel Pass—their focus increasingly extends beyond features. They care about stability, uptime, performance, and support.


One of the key areas of interest is in our ability to handle huge volumes of traffic. After all, our customers believe as we do, that this technology will be used extensively for thousands of important use cases. For that reason, we’ve invested over nine months of focused effort in performance and scalability testing, resulting in a sophisticated infrastructure and tooling system for running tests and monitoring outcomes.

One of our Q4 goals was to successfully run a performance test that would simulate traffic of millions of requests for several consecutive days and to achieve a steady-state where CPU or memory degradation is not observed over the duration of the test.

We modeled our traffic according to several customer traffic profiles, with a steady background load throughout the test, twelve-hour shifts with normal load, and two-hour spikes with 4x the normal load. The results were more than encouraging; not only did the key tests succeed, they exceeded our expectations across other parameters of the system such as overall transaction latency, database throughput, latency, and the number of active actors.

While we are happy with the results, our job isn’t finished! We have a line of sight on additional improvements that should result in a 3-5x increase in platform performance, and we’re aiming to release these improvements in a Q1 delivery.

Customer Support

Our customers trust us with their business, and we believe that trust should be repaid. As such we’re pleased to remind readers that all of our production customers receive industry-leading 24-7-365 support. One of the benefits of a distributed team spanning seven timezones, is that we’re able to ‘follow the sun’ from a support perspective, and we’ve established a sophisticated ticketing and alert system to ensure business continuity. When you need our help, we’ll be ready to give it.

Partnering with Evernym means building on a platform that powers the world’s leading SSI deployments and is built for scale and enterprise performance—and it means working with a team of leading industry experts who are obsessed with your success.

In short, if you’re serious about SSI, you’re in good hands with Evernym.