This is a full-time position out of our Salt Lake City, Utah office.

Why Evernym?

Do you want to use your cutting-edge crypto skills to help fix the problem of trust in the digital age? Do you want to help people interact online, without fear that a government or business is putting them under a surveillance microscope where there is no privacy and your personal data is sold to the highest bidder? Do you want to help 1.5 billion people around the world who have no form of identity gain a digital identity? One that they can trust will not be misused, whether for profit or for control of citizens by governments? Do you want to help refugees control and secure their private health, financial, and family data? Do you want to help solve the problem of too many passwords and IDs and virtually eliminate identity theft?

Evernym is building an open-source global identity network on a permissioned distributed ledger (the same technology family as Bitcoin and Ethereum). Imagine if, instead of a thousand versions of you, siloed into databases in a thousand corners of the internet, there were a single “you” that you could bring with you to all your digital interactions. Imagine if Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the doctor’s office logged into you instead of the other way around… Imagine if you could make them sign your terms of service, if you could enforce your privacy, if nobody could hack you or take away your access… In other words, we are cleaning up the world’s identity mess.

As you might imagine, we need some serious crypto mojo to pull this off. If your favorite buzzword list includes things like elliptic curve, anonymous credentials, zero-knowledge proofs, Identity Mixer, U-Prove, IRMA, zcash, equihash, double ratchet, and zkSNARKS, you would probably love our problem set.

About the Role

We are looking for a PhD-quality cryptographer who is highly creative, collaborative, thoroughly familiar with the academic literature, and personally acquainted with top minds in the field. We don’t invent new crypto primitives, but we do combine bleeding edge ideas from academic literature and the blockchain space in novel ways to solve HARD problems. Here are a couple examples of things we worked on a couple years ago:,

This person would work directly with our CTO, another PhD crypto expert, a couple PhDs in math, and several software engineers who have masters-degree-level crypto backgrounds. Tasks would include research to analyze existing cryptographic solutions for various problems, the creation of novel algorithms and protocols that use previously published/studied crypto primitives, scholarly writing, presentations at conferences, teaching concepts to smart engineers, possibly writing proof of concept code, auditing implementations at a high level for correctness, and providing direction for pen-testers and others who might attempt to break mechanisms you design.

Requirements & Considerations

The successful candidate will have:

  • A PhD or equivalent, plus years of meaningful experience working on topics relevant to our space (see our list of buzz words above). We prefer to hire someone with decades of experience, if we can find them.
  • Multiple, meaningful professional relationships with deep experts in cryptography and blockchain. These would be tenured PhDs that are broadly read and cited, and the relationships would be such that you could ask the hard questions and get their immediate interest as not just another face in the crowd. Even better would be a response where such an expert offers to collaborate and publish with you. Ideally, a candidate would be such a “deep expert” her/himself.
  • Thoroughly comfortable reading code in a common programming language like C or Python. Able to write proof-of-concept code to experiment with algorithms, without needing a code lackey to do it for you. Able to study code in a github repo and make sense of it.
  • A proactive and creative disposition. Should be the sort of person that gets intrigued by a vaguely described problem that’s never been solved, digs in, synthesizes from a bunch of academic research, and comes back in a day or a week with several lines of thought that might lead to solutions.
  • Able to discuss and present over the phone and in person, to large and small audiences, in English, comfortably.
  • Collaborative and humble. Although this person will be a top expert at our company, experience has shown us that surprisingly good ideas sometimes come from people with less qualifications. Teaching and brainstorming are important activities. Many of us are introverts, and that can be a strength–but under-engaging with others is suboptimal.
  • Cheerful and flexible about interacting with remote colleagues in different time zones.
  • Able to be present at our office in Draper, Utah, often. We’d prefer to hire someone who would relocate and be here full-time. We may consider someone who works remotely, if they could visit often, and if they’re a wonderful match in other dimensions. (Some ability to travel to conferences in other locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia is also highly desirable.)

Compensation & Benefits

This is a regular, full-time position with competitive, comprehensive benefits.

No agencies, please.

Apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to