Developer Success Manager

This is a full-time position for a remote candidate based in the US, UK, or Serbia.

About Evernym

We exist to bring more humanity to digital interactions.

Even in 2021, it’s very difficult to prove information about yourself including simply who you are. This problem manifests itself every day for billions of people and millions of organizations. You tell the bank about your mother’s name, you have to remember hundreds of passwords, and yet even with terrible user experience, fraud is rampant and privacy is lost. It’s a massive pain for humans, it costs billions for organizations. But there’s a fix.

Self-Sovereign Identity (‘SSI’) will revolutionize how people interact with organizations and amongst other things, will allow people to instantly prove who they are while also respecting their privacy. Soon, every person will have a digital wallet on their phone holding their most important credentials (passport, driver’s license, proof of employment, immigration status, etc.), and it’ll transform how we interact digitally.

Our core product, Verity, makes it simple for any organization to issue or verify digital credentials. Every single organization in the world that interacts with its customers, team, patients, students, etc. will need tools from a company like ours.

We’re a team of around 35 spread across 7 timezones but with concentrations in the US West Coast and Europe. Right now we’re 100% remote, but we may re-open offices in Salt Lake City and Belgrade at some stage.

About the role

Today we support dozens of paying customers including many of the world’s leading deployments of SSI technology (e.g. IATA Travel Pass, MemberPass, and the UK National Health Service’s staff pass capability), and many hundreds of developer accounts. Anyone can access and start building on our products via our free developer plan and the majority of our paid customers started out this way.

As an ‘all hands on deck’ startup team, until now we’ve dealt with first-line customer support and developer engagement as a collective effort, but the time has come to bring in some new talent to focus on supporting this vital part of our business. We’re initially looking for 2 hires for this role: someone in the US and someone in Europe to better cover time zones.

This isn’t your average customer support role – we’re working with some of the most innovative teams in the world creating truly groundbreaking applications. Coupled with the fact we’re inventing, building, and iterating exceptionally quickly; customer/developer feedback is critical. You’ll be answering questions directly, triaging more complicated requests with assistance from our engineering and product teams, and generally helping to make the experience of using our tools incredible. We use Hubspot as our sales/account management CRM and for ticketing, alongside Jira, as well as Slack, Intercom, Zoom, and email for customer and developer engagement.


  • Managing and triaging incoming support requests from developers and customers.
  • Providing guidance on leveraging Evernym’s online and self-service resources.
  • Tracking issues to resolution and properly communicate to our customers and developers.
  • Creatively engaging the developer community.
  • Actively updating and improving our technical documentation based on feedback.
  • Providing internal teams with reports on common issues and questions to better improve the developer experience.
  • Working very closely with the other Developer Success Managers and internal stakeholders.

About you

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Technical expertise, sufficient that you could build simple applications using our tools. You might be a self-taught developer for example, or have studied computer science at school, but don’t want to be a full-time dev.
  • Excellent communication, time management, prioritization, and organizational skills – you’ll be expected to work fully remote and be a self-starter who can work independently and as part of a team.
  • A genuine curiosity for innovative technologies.
  • A desire to engage and support developers.
  • A passion for problem-solving and an innate curiosity to learn – The SSI space is quickly changing, and we’re presented with new challenges and new developments daily.
  • Some experience in a relevant professional working environment is advantageous but not a prerequisite.

How To Apply

This is a regular, full-time position, based in the United States (remote) or out of our Belgrade office (upon reopening).

We pay competitive startup salaries, offer meaningful equity, support flexible working, and devote company time and resources to social good as well as commercial gain.

Apply by emailing your resume and a paragraph about your interest in this role to with the subject line “Developer Success Manager.”