Senior DevOps Engineer

This is a full-time position out of our Salt Lake City, Utah or London, England offices.

Why Evernym?

Do you want to help fix the problem of trust in the digital age? Do you want to help people interact online, without fear that a government or business is putting them under a surveillance microscope where there is no privacy and your personal data is sold to the highest bidder? Do you want to help 1.5 billion people around the world who have no form of identity gain a digital identity? One that they can trust will not be misused, whether for profit or for control of citizens by governments? Do you want to help refugees control and secure their private health, financial, and family data? Do you want to help solve the problem of too many passwords and IDs and virtually eliminate identity theft?

Evernym is building an open-source global identity network on a permissioned distributed ledger (the same technology family as bitcoin and ethereum). Imagine if, instead of a thousand versions of you, siloed into databases in a thousand corners of the internet, there were a single “you” that you could bring with you to all your digital interactions. Imagine if Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the doctor’s office logged into you instead of the other way around… Imagine if you could make them sign your terms of service, if you could enforce your privacy, if nobody could hack you or take away your access… In other words, we are cleaning up the world’s identity mess. For background reading on our problem space, please visit

About the Role

Evernym’s DevOps operation is spread around the globe and includes build pipelines and tools for Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android software (both open- and closed-source). DevOps specifically supports the Engineering team in what they are doing and participates as contributors in our agile development process.

This position is in our Technical Enablement group, a unique mixture of IT and DevOps that is focused on enabling all areas of the company from a technical standpoint. This position is part of a team that works on and coordinates efforts related to:

  • Engineering build processes and systems
  • Operational IT management of a SaaS-style architecture
  • Enterprise-style automation and configuration management and IT systems
  • Systems security and management


  • DevOps experience
    • Experienced-based opinions backed by hard-won wisdom that can provide direction on Devops best practices
      • Build pipelines: Jenkins (strongly preferred) or equivalent
      • Source control: Github and Gitlab
      • Configuration management: Puppet (preferred) or equivalent
    • Experience automating systems including build pipelines, system management, etc.
    • AWS knowledge, especially in EC2, S3, ECR, SNS, SQS and related services
    • Experience with Docker, especially  in the cloud
    • Cross-platform build experience
      • Linux
      • Android
      • iOS
      • Windows
    • Familiarity with common build tools and suites for each noted operating system
    • Familiarity with common package types and package management systems
      • DEB / Apt
      • RPM / Yum
      • Maven
      • etc.
  • Articulate and personable
  • Should be fearless: jumps in with two feet; gets forgiveness instead of permission; speaks up, etc.
  • Able to work with remote colleagues in different time zones. Able to travel to and work in our office in Draper, UT.
  • Some remote work possible

Compensation & Benefits

This is a regular, full-time position. This position is based out of our office in Salt Lake City, Utah or London, England.

Apply by emailing a resume with a cover letter to Trev Harmon, Director of Customer Success at Evernym, Inc (