Decentralized Identity
For Financial Services

Onboard new accounts in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Faster Account Onboarding

Sign up new clients in seconds, not hours or days—while dramatically reducing verification costs.

Smarter KYC/AML

Protect your firm from increasing requirements with virtually instant verification of customer data.

Improved Customer Experiences

Reduce friction while increasing security by replacing passwords with trusted digital credentials.

Issue Digital Credentials

Increase security and convenience by providing customers with a verifiable credential proving that they are a customer.

Cross Internal Silos

Create a seamless customer experience by using verified credentials to enable a single view of the customer.

Build 1-1 Connections

Build a secure, private, and trusted connection with each of your customers. It’ll be like having a separate VPN with each customer. 

Case Studies

ATB Financial

Bonifii: Improving the Member Experience

Evernym is proud to partner with Bonifii to create MemberPass, a new digital identity solution that enables credit union members to confidently protect themselves from financial fraud and identity theft, while enriching the relationships members have with their credit unions.

“By giving individuals control over their personal identifiable information, MemberPass will create a truly secure and privacy-preserving flow of information to promote balance, fairness, diversity and competition in the digital economy.” – Bonifii President/CEO John Ainsworth

ATB Financial: Transforming Digital Services in Alberta

Evernym partnered with ATB Financial to create the world’s first truly decentralized, multi-sector credential ecosystem, bringing together organizations throughout the Canadian Province of Alberta under the mission of bringing self-sovereign identity to all Albertans.

The movement, which launched in June 2019, currently includes the cities of Calgary and Edmonton, the Alberta Blue Cross, Telus, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), the University of Calgary.

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Deloitte: No More Forms

Nobody likes filling in forms full of personal data, especially on their mobile devices. Evernym is helping Deloitte deliver a one-tap, KYC-compliant onboarding experience for banks and FinTechs.

Why the time is right for decentralized ID

By the numbers
Potential reduction in customer onboarding costs
- McKinsey
The average amount large firms spend annually on KYC
- Thomson Reuters
Pages of financial regulations to be published by 2020
A Little About Us

How We Work With Financial Service Companies

Evernym’s very first customer was a global bank, who foresaw the value of an open protocol for digital identity “way back” in 2016 (eons in the world of blockchain tech). We helped them to understand and demonstrate how this new technology could fit into traditional banking practices.

Since then, Financial Services continues to be the most active of all the customer types we work with, and we offer free and paid plans as a way to help them on their journeys of discovering and building decentralized identity solutions.

By working with Evernym, customers get access to:

  • Expert help crafting a tailored business case
  • Cutting-edge tools and quick-start packages
  • Access to exclusive resources, events, and content
  • Tailored learning tracks
  • Online learning and community collaboration

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