Introducing the Higher Education SSI Initiative

Join a growing community of universities, tech companies, and employers in empowering students everywhere with self-sovereign identity and digital credentials.

Advancing digital credentials, together

We’re pleased to announce a special cohort of our Early Access Program under the mission of bringing together leading higher education institutions, SSI pioneers, and relevant academic bodies to make self-sovereign identity possible for learners everywhere.

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What does SSI mean for higher education?

You already set your students up for success in their work lives; now you can prepare them for their digital lives too.

Self-sovereign identity gives higher education institutions the ability to issue their students ‘digital credentials’ that allow them to prove their educational achievements to anyone, anywhere. These credentials, in turn, can help students secure their first job, open a bank account, buy a house, and so much more.


Empower your students while driving campus-wide savings and efficiencies:

Empower students

Give students the ability to immediately prove that they graduated, earned certain honors, or took a specific class.

Combat fake degrees

Combat the $500M ‘diploma fraud’ industry and preserve the value of your degrees with tamper-proof, unforgeable credentials.

Save time and money

Onboard, register, and authenticate students in a fraction of the time it takes today.

Improve student communications

Open a secure and private line of communication with each of your students.


What is self-sovereign identity, how does it benefit universities and their students, and what are the three primary use cases facing higher education institutions today?

Find out with our new blog post.

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Benefits of joining our Higher Education Initiative

By working with Evernym, customers get access to:

  • A cross-sector community of SSI pioneers, including leading universities, EdTech startups, and global enterprises
  • Expert help developing proof-of-concept solutions, from portable learning records and entitlements to system access
  • Cutting-edge tools and quick-start packages
  • Tailored learning tracks
  • Exclusive resources, events, and content