Decentralized Identity
For Insurance Providers

Radically reduce back office costs and improve your risk models with to access better, verified customer data.

Instantly Verify Customer Data

Maintain verified, accurate, and up-to-date data, using Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Dramatically cut down the time and resources spent verifying insurance eligibility and claims.

Issue Digital Credentials

Increase security and convenience by providing customer with a verifiable credential proving that they are a customer.

Cross Data Silos

Create a seamless customer experience by using verified credentials to enable a single view of the customer.

Communicate Securely With Customers

Build a secure, private, and trusted connection with each of your customers.

Improve Risk Models

Grow your margin while lowering premiums with more reliable risk models and data accuracy.

Case Studies

Irish Life

Irish Life: Reducing friction and costs

Health and life insurance provider Irish Life became one of Evernym’s first customers, with the goal of evaluating decentralized identity as a means of reducing customer onboarding costs and improving the experience and reducing friction across the customer and partner experiences.

“Evernym has given us very clear first steps to explore self-sovereign identity. With experts on hand, we are able to learn quickly and develop real solutions that directly benefit our customers, partners and the wider business.” – David Harney, Group CEO, Irish Life

Why the time is right for decentralized ID

By the numbers
Potential reduction in customer onboarding costs
- McKinsey
The amount distributed ledger technology could saved the reinsurance industry
- PwC
The amount insurance fraud costs the U.S. each year
- Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
A Little About Evernym

How We Work With Insurance Companies

With regulation and fraud both rising on a global scale, it’s easy to see why insurance companies were one of the first sectors to turn to decentralized identity as a way to future-proof their organizations.

And today, we’re proud to be at the cutting edge of insurance innovation through our Early-Access Packages, which provide customers a way to efficiently and effectively build a business case and roadmap around decentralized identity.

By working with Evernym, customers get access to:

  • Expert helping crafting a tailored business case
  • Cutting-edge tools and quick-start packages
  • Access to exclusive resources, events, and content
  • Tailored learning tracks
  • Connections across an ecosystem of innovators
  • Online learning and community collaboration

Ready to start your decentralized identity journey?