The right model


By learning from past attempts, polling world experts, and applying new technologies in innovative ways, we’ve architected a model for sovereign identity that supports the toughest tradeoffs between security, privacy, and sovereignty.


The right technology


Advances in distributed ledger technology and cryptography could not have come at a better time. These breakthroughs, and the paradigm shifts they facilitate, make the right model possible now, for the first time.



Widespread adoption


Neither the model nor the technology matter without adoption. Since some aspect of identity already pervades almost all online activity, widespread adoption of something new and different — even if it’s better — is the biggest obstacle of all.


A great user experience (UX)


Nothing helps adoption like a simple, intuitive user experience, and nothing kills adoption like a bad one. Regardless of its power, if users get a cockpit of knobs and dials, Sovrin won’t fly. The user experience must be fantastic.

We have donated the source code and intellectual property for Sovrin to the non-profit Sovrin Foundation – please visit or GitHub to learn more and get involved.

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