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Technical Master Class

At Evernym we are seeing increasing interest from organizations all over the world wanting to know more and more about Decentralized Identity, specifically the technical aspects: how the latest solutions work and why.

Salt Lake City, USA

March 19-21, 2019
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Are you already looking at Sovrin or Hyperledger Indy and want to speed up your learning about the technology behind it?

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Are you exploring digital identity as a focus for 2019 and want to make better business and technical decisions, faster?

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Is your organization going through digital transformation and need to understand how decentralized identity will impact your technical strategy?

Introducing Evernym's

Technical Master Class

Evernym’s Architecture team – the people that created Hyperledger Indy, and the Sovrin Network – have now designed an interactive technical master class to help. In this new face-to-face course, you’ll spend 3 days getting straight to the heart of the technical aspects of decentralized identity, through a mix of short lectures, group tutorials and working sessions.

Guided by Evernym’s CTO and Chief Architect, you’ll cut out weeks and months of learning and investigation into decentralized technologies, brining you right up to speed on the latest thinking, especially around Sovrin and Hyperledger Indy.

By the end of this course

In-depth Understanding

Have an in-depth understanding of new decentralized identity solutions and the protocols and standards that make them possible.

Articulate Key Concepts

Be able to articulate how these approaches fit with your organizations’ existing identity solutions and legacy infrastructures.

Learn About Sovrin

Be able to show how Sovrin works, and describe its architecture and security features, together with interoperability with ‘blockchain identity’ approaches.




This day focuses on the philosophical and technical underpinnings of digital identity. Additionally, we will be discussing the Sovrin Network and how it addresses many of the shortcomings of other approaches. Technical and theoretical discussions are intermixed with practical activities to help solidify understanding.



In this day we dive deeper into the technical details of how one can trust the integrity of a decentralized identity system–a key component in being able to use such a system in real-world applications.



Building on the previous two days, we’ll look at the practical application of these technologies in real-world use cases. Application is also more than just the technical deployment. We take a consultative approach to pull things from the theoretical to the practical. This interactive approach allows you to take advantage of the best thinking in the industry while applying it to use cases that matter to you.

Initial courses will be held at Evernym’s HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah. Get in touch if you’d like to run the course on-site at your organization.

Meet Your Instructors

Jason Law
CTO, Evernym

Jason Law

Jason Law, co-founder and CTO of Evernym, has consistently found himself immersed in world-changing technologies long before most people even know they exist. He began developing software for hire while still a teenager, on a personal computer that was quite impersonal. He operated extensively on the internet in the days when everybody else sought to master faxing. He ran the software that powers the cryptocurrency bitcoin while that technology was still considered a wild experiment.

In each instance, Jason watched as his early involvement in a space understood by few went on to be part of something much larger. Jason’s mastery of software development, the internet and crypto-technologies combine to help him lead Evernym’s progress toward deploying the world’s first solution for endowing every human with true, self-sovereign digital identity.

As CTO at Evernym, Jason’s aim is to oversee the creation of the self-sovereign identity layer that has long been missing from the internet, and to do it in a way that will empower all people to operate and transact securely in their daily lives.

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Chief Architect, Evernym

Daniel Hardman

Daniel has twenty fives years of experience in software development of all types. As Technical Director and Chief Architect, he’s led engineering teams at small startups, an incubator, and a continent-spanning business unit at a Fortune 500 company. He founded and sold a dot com, helped architect ground-breaking products in the supercomputer industry, and worked to build and enhance artificial intelligences that imputed cybersecurity reputation to the entire observable internet. Decentralization and user experience are two passions that he consistently blogs about.

Daniel has been involved in identity and privacy since his cybersecurity days, and in self-sovereign identity and blockchain since mid-2016. He participated in the initial launch of the Sovrin network and has been Secretary of the Sovrin Technical Governance Board for the past two years. He is a Hyperledger Global Ambassador and a prolific author of technical articles and standards.

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