Built On Sovrin


Evernym is the company that created Sovrin: the global, open-source distributed ledger network for privacy-protecting self-sovereign identity. There is no better platform upon which to build the world’s next generation of trusted identity products and services.

The same team which lends its expertise to several initiatives within the Sovrin Foundation also works with businesses, institutions and governments around the world to assist them in leveraging the many benefits this self-sovereign identity technology enables.

Technology Stack


Evernym offers a sophisticated identity platform built on Sovrin. These tools and products are designed to significantly ease the deployment and integration of self-sovereign identity infrastructure in many different industries.

Evernym is building products for:

  • Hosting and managing Sovrin nodes;
  • Creating identities for individuals and organizations;
  • Secure and privacy-protecting data exchange;
  • Issuing and verifying digital credentials;