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An Expert Panel on Safe Credentials

  • Thursday, May 28, 2020; 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm CEST

How can we design credentials that are truly secure, privacy-maximizing, portable, and interoperable? What are the requirements posed by individuals, organizations, and governments?

Join us on May 28 as we discuss safe credentials with a cross-sector panel of experts:

  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan, VP Digital Identity at Mastercard
  • Julie Esser, SVP Marketing & Comms at CULedger
  • Daniel Hardman, Chief Architect at Evernym
  • Andy Tobin, Managing Director, EMEA at Evernym (Moderator)

Meet Our Presenters:

Bryn Robinson-Morgan, Vice President of Digital Identity at Mastercard

Bryn Robinson-Morgan

Vice President, Digital Identity, Mastercard

Bryn Robinson-Morgan has worked at the forefront of digital transformation and consumer led innovation for over 20 years. He is a key influencer for how people transact and interact in the digital age. He has redefined the customer experience for trusted interactions; helping major organisations evolve their customer architectures though the use of digital identity.

He was responsible for the launch of citizen digital identity services with leading brands in the UK and now uses that experience to make a globally interoperable service a reality. Bryn is a key voice in the establishment of a trusted identity frameworks for public and private sectors.

He is a protagonist of thought leadership through his published media and at industry collaboration events. Bryn is highly skilled in Agile programmes, with a portfolio of delivery success behind him.

Julie Esser, CULedger

Julie Esser

SVP, Marketing & Communications, CULedger

As CULedger‘s senior vice president, Julie leads the organization’s marketing and communications strategies, events and communities with effective engagement, development and retention strategies. Julie brings more than 30 years of credit union experience to the organization and was one of the key leaders in CUNA’s involvement in the “research to action” phase and played an instrumental role in creating the organization’s business plan that ultimately formed the company.

Daniel Hardman, Evernym

Daniel Hardman

Chief Architect, Evernym

Daniel Hardman has a quarter century of experience in enterprise software. As a technical director or chief architect, he’s led engineering teams at small startups, an incubator, and a continent-spanning business unit at a Fortune 500 company. He founded a dot com a few years back, serving as CEO and later CTO before selling the business. Daniel designed and personally coded complex scheduling software that runs the biggest supercomputers on the planet. He also worked on big data systems that use natural language processing and machine learning/AI to impute reputation to the entire observable internet. He is a member of Infraguard, has training in cybersecurity, and has spoken at industry conferences such as RSA. Daniel has an MBA plus a master’s degree in computational linguistics. He holds numerous patents and is a prolific blogger.

Andy Tobin, Evernym

Andy Tobin

EMEA Managing Director, Evernym

Andy has 30 years of experience delivering innovative technology solutions to complex business problems. His career has spanned the three rapidly converging sectors of identity, mobile and payments. He has written code to control cash machines, built the world’s first mCommerce server, run a £1.2bn mobile messaging network and been CTO for Europe’s first fully mobile bank. He is a passionate technology strategist who dropped everything to join Evernym. He believes that the identity ecosystem and the personal information economy is poised for massive change, triggered by the capabilities being delivered right now by Evernym. The result will be a new and rapid growth in “IDTech” innovation which will dwarf what’s happening in Fintech, and a shift to a more open, post-silo world.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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