About Evernym

Evernym was founded in 2013 to solve the digital identity crisis. We envisioned a world where consumers are in complete control of their digital identity, where privacy is a basic human right, and where consumers and organizations can foster a new relationship rooted in trust.

And today, eight years later, we’re at the forefront of a rapidly growing global movement to decentralize digital identity.

Gartner Cool Vendor and WEF Technology Pioneer Awards
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Evernym awarded 'Best Self-Sovereign Identity Project' at EIC 2019 by Kuppingercole
Our Mission

To bring more humanity into our digital interactions.

The story of Evernym is the story of self-sovereign identity

At Evernym, we’re not (just) creating software. We’re creating a new paradigm.

We recognized early on that, in order to truly fix the digital identity crisis, we would need something that broke that status quo. Something that would add a much-needed layer of trust to the Internet.

We knew this vision (what we now call self-sovereign identity) was bigger than any one company, and that in order for decentralized identity to take off, it had to be… well, decentralized.

That’s why, in 2016, we invented the Sovrin Network (the first and only public ledger specifically built for identity) and entrusted it to the Sovrin Foundation.

Sovrin logo

With the invention of Sovrin and the use of distributed ledger technology, we finally had the infrastructure to store and verify digital credentials in a tamper-proof, decentralized manner. This, in turn, offered a way to give consumers sole control over their online existence—moving their personal information out of company databases and into their possession.

We also realized that self-sovereign identity must be interoperable and network-agnostic to reach its full potential. We wanted to make sure that SSI’s digital credentials could be used by anyone, anywhere—no matter what identity wallet, ledger, or software they use.

That’s why we then co-invented an Internet-wide standard for the foundational component of decentralized identity (Decentralized Identifiers), in collaboration with the W3C Credentials Community Group and DIF, with funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

W3C Logo

Lastly, we realized that the developer community would be key to driving adoption, which is why we donated the original open-source codebase that became Hyperledger Indy. And it’s why we’re also leading contributors to the Hyperledger Ursa shared crypto library now used by all Hyperledger projects and the new Hyperledger Aries project for interoperable cross-ledger SSI digital wallets and agents.

Hyperledger Indy, Ursa, and Aries

With these three critical pieces in play—the ledger, the standards, and the community—self-sovereign identity became a reality and our true work began.

All built by an incredible team

We’ve scoured the globe for the top talent in identity, distributed ledger technology, cryptography, trust frameworks, and engineering.

Evernym's global team and Seattle HQ
For some amazing customers

Our customers and strategic partners span 15 sectors, including technology, government, nonprofit, finance, insurance, communications, healthcare, and travel.

With the help of our visionary investors

We’re proud to work with investors that share our dream for a world of more trusted digital relationships.

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