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The Decentralized Identity Company

Verifying existing users and onboarding new ones has long been as much a pain as a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now it is possible to empower your users to share their information whenever and wherever they need to. By giving them cryptographic digital credentials which are far more powerful than the paper versions they use today, they’ll be able to break down your organization’s barriers, and walk through walls.


Real Customers. Real Tech.


Why You Should Care.

The key to digital transformation.

This new approach will allow you to make radical improvements to your user experience, resulting in less friction AND more security. Get used to faster, less expensive onboarding, less attrition at registration and higher conversion from browser to a customer. Users will have a higher propensity to return and interact more and for longer when they do.

Open Source

To create stronger and more secure solutions, faster, Evernym open sourced large portions of our technology. With a global community working together to make our software better every day, our customers benefit from the world’s best thinking, the best security, and of course—global innovation.

No Vendor Lock-in

To ensure all digital identities are interoperable and portable forever, Evernym grounds its development in open standards. Whether it’s co-inventing the DID identity standards or being the major developers in the Hyperledger Indy project, we are proud to be global leaders in standardizing self-sovereign identity with our partners at W3C and DIF.


Decentralized identity is already playing an increasingly important role in business transformation, but it is quickly expanding beyond individual use cases. Our technologies are built with interoperability in mind to set you up for a self-sovereign tomorrow, today.

Physical To Digital.

Our Products Support Your Needs.

Reduce fraud, create compelling customer experiences, and minimize data footprints. By converting today’s physical credentials to their digital equivalents we have finally unleashed their superpowers.

Physical To Digital


Empower your users to receive, store and share digital credentials and personal data in a trusted, controlled way using Evernym’s free mobile wallet application.

Users need a frictionless way to interact using their cryptographic digital credentials and Connect.Me is purpose-built for exactly this task. Connect.Me is available as a standalone app, or can be white-labeled and integrated seamlessly into your existing offering.

Verity: Onboard

Acquire new users quickly and with confidence by implementing our turnkey identity verification and remote onboarding solution.

Onboarding users and employees today is a painful, laborious process. Now you can dramatically improve user experience without compromising safety or security by easily integrating reusable cryptographic digital credentials into the process.

Verity: Auth

Eliminate boundaries by allowing your users to easily authenticate and prove their entitlements regardless of geography or context with our single sign-on solution.

Secure authentication is table stakes. You need to know exactly who and what you are dealing with—plain and simple. With Verity Auth, you can provide a single, consistent experience across applications and business domains while strongly assuring compliance in a flexible, decentralized architecture built for tomorrow.


Issue, receive and verify user data in an easy, inexpensive, and secure way with Evernym’senterprise credential exchange platform.

If you’re going to trust information brought to you, you had better be able to prove it is accurate, authenticate and unrevoked. Verity enables you to more closely integrate users into your business processes using secure, portable and private digital credentials that can be verified instantly, but that’s just the beginning.

Now available in private Beta through our Quick-Start Plans.

Start Breaking Down Barriers Today.

Self-sovereign identity has not only been gaining momentum but is now at a tipping point. To address global demand we’ve established a robust accelerator program to allow organizations large and small, special access to cutting-edge technical tools, expert advice, and membership of leading and collaborative ecosystems.

Get early, special access to the products and services listed above and be among the first to deploy, working closely with the world-class team developing this technology.

Sovrin logo

We are proud to be the inventors and original Founding Steward of Sovrin, the global public network enabling portable and private digital identity for all.

Hyperledger Indy logo

We are the originator and still a major contributor to Hyperledger Indy, the open source project at the Linux Foundation powering a growing number of leading decentralized identity applications.

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