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Solutions For Every Industry

Our customers span 15+ sectors, including:


We help banks, financial service companies, and FinTechs better authenticate and verify their users in full KYC/AML compliance.

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We enable healthcare organizations to verify staff credentials, cut BIR costs, and communicate securely with patients.

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We work with government offices and services to increase security, drive administrative efficiencies, and improve the citizen experience.

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We help insurance companies authenticate users, slash verification costs, and improve risk models.

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Our “Identity For Good” initiative provides nonprofits and NGOs with the resources and tools to develop solutions for the public good.


We help telcos reduce friction from, and add security to, their customer onboarding and support processes.


Start Transforming Digital Identity Today.

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Self-sovereign identity has not only been gaining momentum, but it is now at a tipping point. To address global demand, we’ve established a robust quick-start program to offer organizations large and small special access to cutting-edge technical tools, expert advice, and connections across a growing ecosystem of digital innovators.

Whether you’re looking to evaluate how this emerging tech fits into your existing identity infrastructure or if you’re ready to build real-world applications, we’ve got a plan for you.

Why Evernym?

When you work with Evernym, you work with the world’s leading expert in decentralized identity. With deep skills in digital identity, cryptography, privacy, security and new governance frameworks, we are the original developers of Hyperledger Indy and the creator of the Sovrin Network and the Sovrin Foundation.

We are passionate about open source and open standards, so there’s no vendor lock-in to our solutions. We believe in true data interoperability and delivering the highest levels of security and privacy in the market, and our software makes it easy and simple to connect, share, and rely on trusted digital information.

Open Source

To create stronger and more secure solutions, faster, Evernym open-sourced large portions of our technology. With a global community working together to make our software better every day, our customers benefit from the world’s best thinking, the best security, and of course—global innovation.

No Vendor Lock-in

To ensure all digital identities are interoperable and portable forever, Evernym grounds its development in open standards. Whether it’s co-inventing the DID identity standards or being the major developers in the Hyperledger Indy project, we are proud to be global leaders in standardizing self-sovereign identity with our partners at W3C and DIF.


Decentralized identity is already playing an increasingly important role in business transformation, and it is quickly expanding beyond individual use cases. Our technologies are built with interoperability in mind to set you up for a self-sovereign tomorrow, today.

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We are proud to be the inventors and original Founding Steward of Sovrin, the global public network enabling portable and private digital identity for all.

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We are the originator and still a major contributor to Hyperledger Indy, the open source project at the Linux Foundation powering a growing number of leading decentralized identity applications.

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