Self-sovereign identity:
now that it's possible, it's inevitable.

Humanity deserves digital identity that is permanent, portable, private and completely secure; in other words: self-sovereign.

Shortcomings in the internet’s original design made this impossible, at a cost of trillions each year. Today, the invention of distributed ledger technology makes self-sovereign digital identity a possibility for the first time.

Now that self-sovereign identity is possible, it’s inevitable. And it’s going to change everything.

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Evernym named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner.

Evernym reserves 5 free slots for non-profits in newly launched Accelerator.

Evernym to host a free Sovrin meetup in London, Oct. 18

Evernym prominently featured in Tractica’s latest research paper.

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Rethinking identity
from the ground up.

Why did we invent, build, and open source an entirely new distributed ledger that’s engineered for the sole purpose of identity? That’s easy. It’s the only way to finally do identity right.

Digital identity today is entirely “siloed.” It forces every organization to become identity (and security) experts in order to know who (or what) they’re actually interacting with, both online and off. Managing many identities is not only an expensive hassle for organizations, it’s aggravating for people and a security nightmare for the Internet of Things, too.

Evernym has developed the world’s first publicly available distributed ledger dedicated to solving this problem – Sovrin – and we’ve donated its code to Hyperledger (project Indy), making it available for everyone, everywhere.

Built for Trust

Instantly and accurately verify the authenticity of claims made by any person, organization, or thing, without centralized databases.

Built for Privacy

Simply the most powerful, privacy-preserving technology in existence. It’s time privacy made a comeback.

Built for Interoperability

Engineered for universal compatibility with both legacy and ledger-based identity protocols.

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