Connect.Me digital wallet


The original self-sovereign digital wallet app.

Put your users in control of their data

Connect.Me is our free digital wallet app that offers your customers, employees, and users an intuitive interface for storing, managing, and sharing their digital credentials.

This general-purpose solution can be used out-of-the-box and enables the sharing of credentials across any number of organizations and use cases. If you’re looking for a more tailored solution complete with custom branding, we also offer a Mobile SDK and React Native White Label App that make it easy to turn any app into a privacy-preserving digital wallet.

Health and mortgage credentials in Connect.Me
Structured messaging in Connect.Me

Core decentralized identity functions made easy

  • Receive and store verifiable credentials
  • Maintain full control over what data is shared and with whom
  • Protect customer data with cutting-edge privacy features, including zero knowledge proofs as standard
  • Engage in structured two-way messaging over secure and private channels

Privacy and interoperability by design

  • A true edge wallet from a company serious about privacy—personal data lives strictly with the user, not on Evernym’s servers
  • Based on open standards, interoperable with all the best Hyperledger Aries based products
My Connections view in Connect.Me
Credential details view in Connect.Me

Get up and running, fast, with the most trusted solution in the market

  • Ready to go, with neutral branding and easy adaptability to a wide range of use cases
  • Flexible workflows, where organizations can invite users to register by scanning QR codes or clicking links in email, SMS or other apps

Exchange trusted proofs with anyone, anywhere.

COVID-19 Antigen Test Result as a Verifiable Credential

Show a COVID-19 test result before boarding a flight

Learn more with our IATA Case Study.

MemberPass digital credential

Prove that you’re a member – every time you log-in, walk-in, or call-in

Learn more with our MemberPass Case Study.

Digital employee badge as a verifiable credential

Share employment credentials to access staff portals

Learn more with our NHS Case Study.

Take it for a spin.

Connect.Me is a free mobile app available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Once downloaded, check out our interactive demo to get your first test credentials and experience popular use cases for digital credential exchange.

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