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Identity management is evolving. In the future, organizations will accept the identities brought by users to each interaction. This requires a fundamental shift from the traditional centralized approach to a decentralized approach with trusted, verified credentials. 

And savvy developers will lead this transformation.

Evernym’s products help developers add the power of self-sovereign identities to their business processes. Solutions like Verity and Connect.Me make it easy to issue, hold, verify, and revoke identity credentials that implement W3C standards and leverage Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

When your team selects Evernym’s products, you get:

  • Access to a powerful API for customization
  • Integrations with legacy systems
  • Support from the world leaders in self-sovereign identity
  • Access to the source code for the licensed products under commercial terms

To evaluate our commercial products, check out our plans, shoot us a note, or walk through our Getting Started with Connect.Me guide

Get involved

Hyperledger logoEvernym’s products are built on the open core of Hyperledger Indy. This community-governed codebase is available for anyone to study, use, and modify. The best place to start is with the getting started guide in the SDK Git repository.

The Indy community is very friendly, and developers can often get help from volunteers via chat or the mailing list. The documentation index for project Indy is a valuable developer resource as well.

Sovrin logo

Evernym’s products also leverage the Sovrin network. The network policies are available to interested developers, and there is also a valuable discussion forum and chat.


Recommended reading

Evernym Product Suite

FAQs: Meet the Evernym Product Suite

Last Thursday, we organized the first in a series of webinar-style product demos and were humbled to be joined by nearly 100 professionals from 18 countries and just as many industries. For all of us at Evernym, it was a sure sign that decentralized, self-sovereign identity truly is taking off at a global scale. On...
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Connect.Me identity wallet

Meet Connect.Me, the first Sovrin-based digital wallet

Today, we’re proud to say we are one step closer to a world of self-sovereignty—to a world where anyone can take back ownership of their digital identity—with the “general availability” release of Connect.Me, the first digital wallet app built on Sovrin. Connect.Me represents the first example of what giving control back to the individual consumer...
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Hyperledger Aries

Hyperledger Aries: The Next Major Step Towards Interoperable SSI

Two weeks ago, I joined Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf at the Consensus blockchain conference in New York City to announce the newest addition to the Hyperledger family of blockchain-powered projects: Hyperledger Aries. Aries was born out of the work on identity agents and identity wallets that began in the Hyperledger Indy project. As a...
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The inevitable return to self-sovereign identity (SSI)

The Inevitable Return to Self-Sovereign Identity

Today’s digital identity is idiotic. Compared to physical paper documents or credentials, our digital identities are forgettable, restrictive, and borderline useless. For all intents and purposes, when we go online “we the people” become meaningless identifiers, assigned for someone else’s convenience. With today’s digital identity, your data is locked in some organisation’s silo. All you...
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The three dimensions of decentralized identity

Three Dimensions of Identity

We all know that identity matters. We hear about cybersecurity breaches, GDPR, refugees, deep fakes, and election fraud. Each headline highlights a new way that identity impacts us. Yet we may be accepting naive assertions about what identity actually means. Some equate identity with authentication. Others map it to accounts and credentials. Still others think...
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Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK

Open Source Tools for Creating Digital Identities

Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK I joined Evernym as a Product Manager at the start of April, 2018. I was captured by Evernym’s ambition to provide every individual, organization, and connected device with secure and irrevocable identity. This identity will allow new relationships that will empower individuals as they participate in the modern technology-centered economy. You can...
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The Three Models of Digital Identity Relationships

How self-sovereign identity (SSI) is different, and why it’s better. As a relative “noob” in the identity world — five years and counting — it may seem presumptuous for me to distill all the types of digital identity relationships into just three models. But it needs doing. Why? Because there’s a new kid on the identity block — “self-sovereign” identity (SSI) — that...
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