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Digital COVID-19 test results play a vital role in enabling the safe reopening of the global economy and initiatives like Travel Pass.

At Evernym, we’ve worked with the International Air Transport Association and labs around the globe to make issuing these records not only easy but also secure, privacy-preserving, and immediately verifiable.

In addition to our Lab App solution offered by IATA, we also provide premium support plans and powerful APIs that streamline the credential issuance process.

Getting Started Resources:

IATA Travel Pass Overview

Evernym’s Jamie Smith explains the benefits of IATA Travel Pass and the unique roles of labs (“issuers”) and airlines (“verifiers”).

Travel Pass:
How It Works

A quick primer on the underlying technology and the steps involved in issuing Travel Pass credentials.

Travel Pass: The Customer Experience

Learn how you can send patients an enrollment invitation with an SMS, email, or a QR code on a web portal or printed brochure.

Use Cases Beyond Travel Pass

Our recent webinar explores how credentials can reduce fraud, automate workflows, and transform customer experiences across travel and hospitality.

You can also find our online Terms of Service, covering all Evernym products.

Issue secure, tamperproof results in three easy steps:

1. Create a secure connection with a passenger/patient.

Create a direct 1:1 connection with a passenger, through which you can safely send test results and other communications without the security and privacy risks associated with data intermediaries or centralized health databases.

You’re in full control of the customer experience and can invite patients to register via an email invitation, an SMS, or a QR code on a poster or online portal.

Step 1: Form a secure connection

2. Receive a verified proof that confirms you’re sending results to the right person.

Upon forming a connection, patients will be asked to share their name and passport number – which they can do with a single tap in their Travel Pass app. This data will come pre-verified by IATA, so you can have full confidence that you’re sending to the right person.

3. Issue and send a test result credential.

You can now send a digital test result direct to the passenger, via your secure communication channel. Airlines and other parties will be able to instantly verify who issued it, to whom it was given, and whether it’s been tampered with.

Step 3: Issue digital test result
Interested in a use case outside of Travel Pass and COVID-19?

We can help you turn any data into a verifiable, privacy-preserving credential, including:

  • Other types of test results: Blood, toxicology, allergy, etc.
  • Passwordless customer authentication and employee access credentials
  • Digital appointment cards

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