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The Evernym story is increasingly the focus of coverage by technology, privacy, blockchain and identity journalists. Look below for a small sample of the recent reporting on our partnerships, philosophy and progress. 

If you have spoken to me recently you will know myself and the Outlier team are really very excited to have announced at the beginning of the month becoming Evernym’s, and the Sovrin Foundation and it’s token’s, lead investor and strategic partner. As with every investment we wanted to find some time to provide the rationale to our decision which I have laid out below.

…The state of Illinois has launched a pilot trial on a Blockchain-based birth registry/ID system with a goal to individualize and secure identities. The state government is partnering with Utah-based company Evernym and is expected to use the Sovrin Foundation’s publicly accessible distributed identity ledger in the project.

Actually getting self-sovereign identity to work is what we like to call a wicked hard problem – and in reality, it’s several wicked hard problems rolled into one. Tackling most if not all of these challenges is Salt Lake City-based Evernym. Evernym is the creator of Sovrin, the global public utility for the decentralized exchange of verifiable claims.

In August, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative — a collaboration launched by the state to explore blockchain and distributed ledger technology — announced it’s partnering with self-sovereign identity solutions firm Evernym to create an online ledger that’s only accessible to the owner of the ID and any other individuals they’re granted access. It’s very similar to how the technology could be used to track and share information between hospitals.

On August 31, 2017, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative (IBI), a collaboration sponsored by the state of Illinois to explore blockchain innovation, announced a partnership with digital identity company Evernym in an effort to put birth certificates on a blockchain. The project will meld together the work from W3C‘s Verifiable Claims Task Force, which is focused on making third party verified claims more secure on the web, and SovrinFoundation’s distributed identity ledger technology. 

The verifiable claims project probably best represented by Evernym’s Sovrin solution is an example of what self-sovereign identity for a global, public Internet of value needs to look like. Boring capitalists like me who are looking to solve the identity puzzle for the shameless material consumption of the masses can learn a lot from the vision espoused by Evernym.

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