The Evernym Mobile SDK

The Evernym Mobile SDK

Our software development kit that makes it easy
to integrate verifiable credentials into any iOS or Android app.

Turn any app into a secure digital wallet

The Evernym Mobile SDK makes it easy to embed the functionality of our Connect.Me digital wallet into existing apps. This means you can give your users the privacy, security, and trust benefits of verifiable credentials while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Looking to launch a new app instead? We also offer a React Native White Label App that uses the Mobile SDK to create a customized version of Connect.Me with your own branding in mere minutes.

The Evernym Mobile SDK adds digital wallet functionality to any mobile app
Designed around privacy and security

A true edge wallet: Privacy by design and default

  • The most private digital credential wallet in the market
  • Verifiable credentials and the cryptographic keys that prove ownership of them are stored ‘at the edge’ in the user’s own mobile device — meaning their data lives with them, where it belongs
  • Easily obtain explicit, granular consent for the sharing of any user data
  • Seamless support for selective disclosure and data minimization using zero-knowledge proofs

Future-proofed and interoperable

  • Based on open standards, with support for Aries Interop Profile v1
  • Regularly tested for interoperability with third-party wallets and vendors
  • Works with a growing list of networks, including Sovrin, other Hyperledger Indy-based ledgers, and cheqd (coming soon)
Ledger support in Evernym's Mobile SDK
Customizable branding in the Evernym Mobile SDK

A customizable look and feel

  • Easily adjust color schemes, iconography, and other user interface components
  • Deploy a market-tested user interface, readily customizable for your specific use cases — or integrate seamlessly into your existing app experience

The features your developers are asking for

  • React Native sample app
  • NPM packages
  • Full native library support in ObjectiveC, Java, and Kotlin
  • Easy configuration scripts
  • Plug-and-play EULA terms
  • Integration with Evernym’s cloud agency for message routing
  • Push notifications and custom message support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Advanced features: Skipping Connection step (Aries Out-of-Band protocol), Aries basic message, Wallet export / import, Holder presents proof

All supported by a world-class team.

Built for developers
Case study

Our Mobile SDK in action

Evernym is proudly working with Bonifii to power MemberPass™ — the most secure, private, and reliable way for credit unions to authenticate and communicate with their members.

Using Verity and Evernym’s Mobile SDK, Bonifii launched a dedicated MemberPass™ digital wallet app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that offers members an intuitive interface for communicating with their credit union. The solution incorporates structured messaging and bidirectional authentication, asking members to confirm that they are truly on the phone with a contact center before sharing any personal information.

As one of Evernym’s first customers, Bonifii helped shape the interface of our Connect.Me app with some of our first in-production user feedback. Fittingly, MemberPass™ holds a close resemblance to the current Connect.Me design while boasting a custom logo and the blue color palette associated with Bonifii’s brand.