Evernym Quick-Start Plans

The fastest, most effective way to discover and launch decentralized identity solutions.

Whether you’re looking to test the waters or build and deploy real-world solutions, we’re here to help.

Early Access Plan

Learn about decentralized identity, evaluate the business case, and develop rapid prototypes and POCs.

  • Access to Evernym's Verity product suite
  • Access to Sovrin's test environment
  • Ability to demo user experiences with dummy data
  • Quick-start guides, demo tools, and an educational portal


Get up and running fast with the tools to integrate digital credentials into any business process.

  • Access to Evernym's Verity product suite
  • Access to Sovrin's live environment
  • Ability to build and deploy solutions with real data
  • Production support that scales with your needs


Turn digital identity into a competitive advantage with professional service packages and expert help.

  • Access to Evernym's Verity product suite
  • Access to any Sovrin or Hyperledger Indy environment
  • Ability to develop and test experiences with real data
  • Tailored support packages to guide you each step of the way

Working at a startup? Ask about our special startup pricing.

Not sure which plan is right for your organization? Let’s get in touch, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit.

Join 60+ organizations planning their SSI strategy

  • Evernym is helping us develop our strategic response to the self-sovereign identity market opportunity. With access to Evernym’s insight, tools and expertise we’ll be able to rapidly experiment with this technology and its potential applications to the benefit of both individuals and business.

    Ed Black, Barclaycard
    Ed Black
    Director of Innovation,
    Barclaycard Payment Solutions
  • We’re excited to be part of the Evernym Accelerator. We see self-sovereign identity as a pivotal new technology that can help us better address humanitarian needs. The Accelerator provides access to a set of first-rate tools and expertise that will allow us to learn about and confidently apply the technology.

    Nathan Cooper, International Federation of Red Cross
    Nathan Cooper
    Senior Advisor,
    International Federation of Red Cross
  • Evernym has given us some very clear first steps to explore self sovereign identity, and to connect with other organizations to build a trial ecosystem. By showing how it really works, and with experts on hand, we are able to learn quickly and develop real solutions that directly benefit our customers, partners and the wider business.

    David Harney, Irish Life
    David Harney
    Irish Life

Frequently asked questions

Who are the Evernym Quick-Start Plans for?

Our quick-start plans are for anyone looking to either explore the benefits of decentralized identity or take the next steps with a live pilot. Our current customers are spread out across 15 different sectors, with the most prominent being finance, government, healthcare, telecom, and blockchain-enabled startups. We also see a diverse mix of job functions, with the most common being Innovation, Customer Experience, Product Management, IT, and Cybersecurity. 

With flexible upfront or monthly payment options, we do our best to accommodate all companies of all sizes, budgets, industries, and geographies.

What is the expected outcome of the Early Access Plan?

We’ll work with you to set a goal unique to your organizational needs and schedule routine check-ins to help you achieve your goal.

Most of our Early Access Plan customers come to us looking to develop a personalized business case and proof-of-concept tied to an existing business problem, while getting the resources and support needed to communicate the value to key stakeholders within their organization.

Generally, however, progression through the plans look something like this:

Evernym Quick-Start Plan Milestones

Can I get access to training, support, and other resources?

All customers get access to an exclusive Customer Portal, containing timely market insights, whitepapers, product guides, and a library of online learning courses.

We also run regular customer video webinars with market and technical experts, and customers get access to our archive of video recordings and past webinars.

How can I build my own Decentralized Identity demo?

Customers get access to the Evernym Credential Village, an interactive web-app designed to walk users through the process of issuing and verifying digital credentials in a self-sovereign world. You will be able to demo a decentralized identity experience immediately after joining, and customize that demo over time as you develop your own branded frontend solutions.

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