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Whether you’re an innovation or R&D lab investigating decentralized identity, a product org looking to solve a pressing problem, or an innovative startup building real solutions out of the gate, this is the perfect place to get started.


Our experts will work with you to:

  • Future-proof your identity architecture
  • Develop a business case for decentralized identity unique to your organization
  • Define use cases, information flows, and technical requirements
  • Understand the technical and business rationale and impacts
  • Visualize and communicate the benefits of decentralized identity to key stakeholders

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Your decentralized identity journey starts here

Fast-track your decentralized identity learnings with access to the technology, experts, and resources needed to evaluate your organization’s unique business case.

Cutting edge tools and quick-start packages

Rapidly prototype and showcase decentralized identity solutions solving real business problems.

Tailored learning tracks

Develop expertise in technical, commercial, and policy areas needed to educate and drive your organization’s priorities.

Access to exclusive resources and content

Leverage our network and collective expertise with monthly webinars, industry insights, and a customer-only resource portal.

Special access to Evernym roadmaps and events

Visibility into the Evernym, Sovrin, and Hyperledger Indy product roadmaps, including exclusive access to new products and events.

No vendor lock-in

We are passionate about open standards and true data interoperability, so there’s no vendor lock-in to our solutions.

Online learning and community collaboration

Get the latest scoop on market trends and collaborate with fellow identity trailblazers from a wide array of sectors.


  • The Evernym Early Access Plan has given us very clear first steps to explore self sovereign identity. With experts on hand, we are able to learn quickly and develop real solutions that directly benefit our customers, partners and the wider business.

    David Harney, Irish Life
    David Harney
    CEO, Irish Life
  • We are excited to be involved with the Accelerator, which is helping us develop our strategic response to the self-sovereign identity market opportunity. With access to Evernym’s insight, tools and expertise we’ll be able to fast track our learning about Sovrin and better understand the implications of self sovereign identity. And most importantly, we can rapidly experiment with this technology and its potential applications to the benefit of both individuals and business.

    Ed Black, Barclaycard
    Ed Black
    Director of Innovation, Barclaycard Payment Solutions
  • We just did a great live demo of verifiable credential exchange at the Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain conference in Boston. It was very well received so thanks to this community for the support to make this possible!

    Daniel Fritz, Novartis
    Daniel Fritz
    Domain Architect, Novartis
Early-access subscription plan to

Evernym products and tools

  • Rolling monthly subscription to Evernym’s Product Suite
  • Demo tools, simulating credential flows and the customer experience
  • Evernym hosted enterprise cloud agents
  • Access to the Sovrin Test Network
  • Access to the Evernym Credential Village to get started with credential issuance and verification immediately.
Email & Slack support with

Direct access to the experts

  • Dedicated Slack support channel with Evernym engineers, crypto, product and business experts
  • Check-in calls and ‘office hours’ with the Evernym support team
  • Regular webinars, featuring global experts and thought leaders
  • A customer-only resource portal, with whitepapers, market insights, and product guides

We looked around at different organizations and very quickly got to Evernym as someone that was credible. We saw that they had built out Sovrin and that they had supplied it into Hyperledger. The fact that they had done that, to us, showed a lot about the way they were thinking. The more we looked at them, it was obvious that they had fantastic people.

David Harney, CEO, Irish Life

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