Introducing Travel Pass

The easiest, safest way to verify travel and health credentials.

IATA Travel Pass & the Evernym ScanApp
Introducing Travel Pass

The easiest, safest way to verify travel and health credentials.

IATA Travel Pass & the Evernym ScanApp

Navigate a changing regulatory landscape and rebuild passenger confidence with verifiable COVID-19 test result credentials.

What is IATA Travel Pass?

IATA Travel Pass is a digital credential solution that enables airlines, governments, and other organizations to instantly verify travel and health documents (such as COVID-19 test results) in a highly secure and privacy-preserving manner.

Travel Pass has been developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and leverages Evernym’s Verity, Verity Flow, and Mobile SDK products.

As of October 2021, seven airlines (Emirates, Etihad Airways, Jazeera Airways, Jetstar, Qantas, Qatar Airways, and Royal Jordanian) have announced plans to implement Travel Pass and another 50 are in the trial phase.

Safe & Trusted

Restored confidence

Both passengers and governments can have confidence in each passenger’s verified COVID-19 status, enabling the safe reopening of borders

Better privacy

Travelers always remain in control of their data, and no information is sent to an airline or government without the passenger’s consent
Better security

Better security

A decentralized approach mitigates against the risk of having to store and secure sensitive health data, while ensuring that records can never be counterfeited

Exploring a use case outside of air travel?

Verifiable COVID-19 credentials can also be used to assist in the safe reopening of businesses like hotels, stadiums, cruise lines, travel agents, and restaurants.

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Aviation is an important engine of our world and will play a critical role in lifting the world to recovery from COVID-19. Let us ensure it receives the support it needs to keep the world’s nations connected and united.”

– UN Secretary-General António Guterres

The most trusted solution on the market

While none could have foreseen the need to verify test or vaccine records, the core technology that makes Travel Pass possible has been in development for several years and is gaining momentum across a variety of use cases and industries.

Secure and tamper-proof

Safer than
paper records

Unlike physical documents—which can be easily counterfeited or traded—verifiable credentials issued through Travel Pass can never be faked. Additionally, a contactless approach reduces the risk of virus transmission within airport check-in and security processes.

Decentralized by design

More secure than huge centralized databases

With Travel Pass, sensitive health data lives directly with the passenger, securely stored in her or his mobile phone. This means that information is only ever shared with those whom the passenger consents to share it, and no personal data is stored on a central server.

The role of labs and hospitals

With IATA Travel Pass, COVID-19 test labs and other healthcare organizations can instantly verify a patient’s identity and then securely send test results and other communications directly to each individual. Every patient relationship is unique, and all interactions are private and secure from prying eyes.

Using Evernym’s tools and APIs, the whole experience is seamless for both the lab and the patient. The patient/traveler simply scans a QR code with their Travel Pass app to form a secure connection and confirm their identity. Once this connection has been created and the result is available, the lab can then issue a verifiable test result credential directly to the patient. This means that there are no intermediaries, and health data is only ever shared with the parties that need to know.

IATA Travel Pass verifiable credentials for COVID-19 test labs
IATA Travel Pass verifiable credentials for airlines

The role of airlines

Airlines, as well as airports and border authorities, can use IATA Travel Pass to request health and travel credentials directly from the passenger, and to verify the data with confidence.

In verifying a credential, an airline can immediately answer three key questions:

  • Who issued the credential – was it a trusted test lab or vaccine site?
  • Was the credential issued to the passenger showing the record?
  • Has the credential ever been tampered with?
As simple as scanning a QR code

Verification can be done with a simple scan of a QR code with Evernym’s ready-to-use Verity Flow web solution and Verity Flow APIs, both of which are powered by Verity, the world’s leading digital credential platform.

Opportunities for venues, stadiums, cruise lines, travel agents, and other verifiers

While the initial focus has been on air travel, verifiable health credentials can be used by any business looking to reopen in a safe and risk-mitigating manner.

Evernym works with a wide variety of customers and use cases, and we can offer the technology, services, and partnership to help you build rapid prototypes, navigate governance frameworks, and launch at scale.

You can get a competitive edge by starting to work with digital credentials right now. We offer free and paid plans for our products that you can use to begin issuing and verifying digital credentials. If you’d like to explore what this means for your industry, let’s get in touch.

Verifiable health credentials for other organizations
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