Our flagship credential exchange platform,
trusted with the world’s largest implementations of verifiable credentials.

Connect and interact with your customers in a whole new way

Verity is our enterprise-grade verifiable credential platform. It provides organizations the ability to issue and verify digital credentials, and to transform user experiences with more trusted data and secure communication channels.

Built for developers, Verity can be accessed through the Verity SDK or the Verity REST API and works with a growing list of networks, including Sovrin, other Hyperledger Indy-based ledgers, and cheqd (coming soon).

Connection request
Issue verifiable credentials with the Verity platform

Issue digital credentials

  • Form secure and encrypted DID connections with your customers, employees, or users
  • Issue secure and private digital credentials that can be instantly verified
  • Create custom credential schemas to suit your use case

Verify credential data

  • Request, receive, and instantly verify credential data directly from individuals
  • Define proof restrictions by schema, issuer, and credential definition to ensure the data will satisfy your requirements
  • Eliminate excess data collection with zero-knowledge proof technology for a compliant and privacy-respecting user experience
Verify digital credential data using the Verity platform
Send and receive messages over secure communication lines

Send secure messages

  • Exchange two-way structured messages with your users
  • Collect required information using yes/no and multiple-choice questions sent over a direct communications channel
  • Enable a range of use cases including secure notifications, passwordless authentication, and the seamless and secure sharing of any type of data

Aligned with emerging standards

  • Designed around emerging standards from the W3C, Decentralized Identity Foundation, Trust over IP, Good Health Pass, and Hyperledger communities
  • Compatible with the Aries Issue Credential, Out-of-Band, Present Proof, Basic Message, and Question-Answer protocols
  • Regularly tested for interoperability with third-party wallets and the Aries Interop Profile

Built for the modern developer

  • Get up and running, fast, using our multi-tenant SaaS platform
  • Easily integrate into existing systems using a REST API and SDKs in four popular languages: Java, Node.Js, Python, and .NET
  • Performance and reliability you can depend on, backed by our SLA
  • Support for multiple webhook endpoints and OAuth authentication for receiving Verity responses
  • Build confidently, with comprehensive documentation, example apps for popular use cases, and the help of our developer success team
Verity Testimonial
Verity makes me feel like being a kid in a candy shop.
It’s hard not to be excited when there’s so much you can do with it.
The hardest part is choosing what use case to pursue first.”
– Alan Nöthnagel, MN8 Technology

The gold standard in verifiable credential exchange


Built for scale

Rigorously tested for performance and scalability, and trusted by the world's largest organizations

Private by design

Supports issuer signature binding, selective disclosure, and zero-knowledge proofs


Compliant with the Aries Interop Profile and tested with third-party wallets, issuers, and verifiers

Truly decentralized

Our approach to peer DIDs keeps all personal data off the blockchain
GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliant

Built with the strictest data processing and retention requirements
Open Standards

Based on open standards

Aligned with emerging standards from the W3C to ensure true data portability
Open source

Public and transparent

Our source code and documentation are public under the Business Source License
Customer Success

Supported by a world-class team

Our global team is here to ensure your success every step of the way

Powering trusted solutions around the globe