Verity Flow

Verity Flow

The easiest way to issue and verify credentials.

Rapidly deploy digital credential workflows from a visual web interface

Verity Flow is our no-code web application for verifiable credential exchange.

Within minutes, you can design custom templates, change the appearance to match your brand, and start issuing or verifying your first credentials remotely or in-person.

No coding or complex integrations required.

Verity Flow Log-In
Issuing credentials in Verity Flow

Issuing made easy

  • Effortlessly register new customers with a QR scan or custom invitation
  • Enable authorized employees to issue credentials on behalf of your organization
  • Create credentials individually or in bulk, via a CSV upload
  • Customize templates to make issuing fast and accurate
  • Provide credential data in real time or asynchronously

Verifying made easy

  • Configure custom proof request templates to specify exactly what data you require
  • Request and verify credentials from a task-oriented app perfect for in-person use cases
  • Store, send, or discard data as required
Verifying credentials in Verity Flow
Custom branding in Verity Flow

Bring your own branding

  • Add your logo and customize color schemes to maintain a consistent and professional brand experience
  • Create your own registration and verification flows to control what customers see

Built for scale and flexibility

  • Manage multiple users and locations with role-based access controls
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for additional security
  • Support high customer volumes with bulk issuance in batches of up to 10,000 records
  • Access detailed reporting on credential workflows
Verity Flow admin menu
Case study

Verity Flow in action

When the International Air Transport Association (IATA) selected Evernym as the technology provider behind its Travel Pass initiative, we knew the scale would be unparalleled. COVID-19 testing labs around the world would need an easy way to issue digital test results, and airlines, airports, and immigration authorities would need an easy way to verify this data in person.

With Verity Flow and the Evernym Mobile SDK, we were able to provide IATA, 70+ partnering airlines, and over a thousand lab locations with tailored workflows to fit their needs and an experience that didn’t require coding, integrations, or prior knowledge of verifiable credentials.