On-demand webinar:

What BBS+ Means
For Verifiable Credentials

  • Aired Apr 1, 2021
Safe credentials enable portability, interoperability, flexibility, security, and privacy

In a recent blog post, we discussed why BBS+ LD-Proofs are the privacy-preserving VC format that everyone should implement. In this webinar, we expanded on these core ideas and laid out what we see as the clearest path forward for convergence and interoperability.

We covered:

  • A brief history of verifiable credential formats, and how a lack of convergence makes scale and interoperability an ongoing challenge
  • How BBS+ Signatures are the breakthrough that combine the best of the JSON-LD and ZKP formats, while still allowing for selective disclosure and non-trackability
  • The path forward: What remains to be done to fully converge on the BBS+ format