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Crossing Silos With Self-Sovereign Identity

Crossing silos with self-sovereign identity
As the digital revolution took hold, billions of dollars and countless hours were spent by organizations around the world creating user databases. After a while, these organizations realised that they had many databases in many different departments, all containing details of the same users. So they spent billions of dollars and countless hours trying to […]

The Inevitable Return to Self-Sovereign Identity

The inevitable return to self-sovereign identity (SSI)
Today’s digital identity is idiotic. Compared to physical paper documents or credentials, our digital identities are forgettable, restrictive, and borderline useless. For all intents and purposes, when we go online “we the people” become meaningless identifiers, assigned for someone else’s convenience. With today’s digital identity, your data is locked in some organisation’s silo. All you […]

Evernym and IBM team up to accelerate adoption of self-sovereign identity

Evernym and IBM team up to accelerate adoption of self-sovereign identity
In my previous posts, I highlighted the Job-Creds POC — a self-sovereign identity (SSI) collaboration between Evernym, IBM, and others, and most recently introduced Evernym’s Accelerator program. In this article, I’m excited to introduce an expanded partnership with IBM, with the sole goal of propelling early adopters of decentralized identity from proof-of-concept to pilot. So how did we get here? […]

Three Dimensions of Identity

The three dimensions of decentralized identity
We all know that identity matters. We hear about cybersecurity breaches, GDPR, refugees, deep fakes, and election fraud. Each headline highlights a new way that identity impacts us. Yet we may be accepting naive assertions about what identity actually means. Some equate identity with authentication. Others map it to accounts and credentials. Still others think of it as a personal data and metadata issue. Such mindsets may feel reasonable, but each simplifies too much. Identity manifests in several dimensions.

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