A Call for Reciprocal Negotiated Accountability

A Call for Reciprocal Negotiated Accountability
Am I crazy if I am a privacy hawk, but I’m opposed to unfettered anonymity? I think people should be free to live their lives without Siri or Alexa or Google Assistant listening to private bedroom conversations. I find the surveillance economy repugnant. The Snowden revelations leave me convinced that government eavesdropping needs more constraints. […]

Why We Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Why we support the EFF
Privacy gets too little emphasis from some participants in the decentralized identity movement. They claim to value confidential interactions, yet advocate that individuals create public decentralized identifiers (DIDs) on the blockchain (ignoring legal warnings about DIDs being PII). They are okay with “phone home” verifications of credentials and revocation and capabilities. They think that selective […]

A Better, More Secure, and More Private Approach to COVID Credentials

What makes Evernym safe?
Not all digital credential solutions are created equal – here’s what makes Evernym’s solution safe, private, and open. Some legal, public health and identity leaders have expressed concerns about building high-stakes identity tools like COVID-19 digital health certificates. They point to immature standards and predict that scrutiny by governments and consumer advocates will reveal security, […]