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Responding to the COVID-19 Challenge with Verifiable Credentials

How verifiable credential technology can reboot public trust and support the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Addressing the Latest Sovrin Foundation Announcement

Sovrin Foundation Announcement
Following the Sovrin Foundation’s announcement detailing reductions in their team, we thought we’d share our own thinking. Sovrin is now the world’s premier network dedicated to decentralized identity, with 60+ stewards including organizations such as IBM, NEC, and CULedger. Sovrin is one of the few identity networks with real-world use cases in production today. It’s […]

No Paradox Here: ZKPs Deliver Savvy Trust

Zero-Knowledge Proof Credentials
A rebuttal to Arnold and Longley’s article Daniel Hardman, March 2020 CONTENTS Abstract Setting Expectations Rebuttal 1. The article defines “zero-knowledge proofs” too narrowly, setting up a basic fallacy. 2. It exaggerates and quotes experts out of context to build a straw man model of anonymity. 3. It oversimplifies the basis of trust. 4. It […]

Coming to the Hyperledger Global Forum and care about identity? Here’s your guide to the agenda.

Digital identity events at the Hyperledger Global Forum
Next week, Hyperledger is bringing together over a thousand industry leaders and practitioners from around the world for its annual Hyperledger Global Forum (March 3-6) in Phoenix, Arizona. The event is designed to drive awareness, education, adoption, and advancement of enterprise blockchain technology while giving attendees the opportunity to collaborate with other contributors and learn […]

The Dangerous Half-Truth of “We’ll Be Correlated Anyway”

Correlating vs. Noncorrelating credentials
In a previous post, I described how verifiable credentials differ in their approach to privacy: Correlating credentials correlate their holder to a disclosed identifier, and a disclosed signature, that’s the same in every use of a given credential. Other attributes are often identical as well, but these two perfect correlators are guaranteed to be present […]