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9 Ways Self-Sovereign Identity Will Benefit Retailers

13 Ways Self-Sovereign Identity Will Benefit Retailers
In the not too distant future, everyone will have a wallet app on their phone containing digital versions of their most commonly used paper-based credentials—including their driver’s license, credit reports, passport, bank statements, and loyalty cards—held in the form of verifiable credentials. In simple terms, verifiable credentials are data about us that have been digitally […]

Self-Sovereign Identity
for Higher Education

Universities can arm their students for success in their digital lives with study credentials and self-sovereign identity
The role of universities and students in the next digital revolution Universities already equip students with the education and tools needed to succeed in their work lives, but what if they could go a step further and arm their students with the tools needed to succeed in all aspects of their digital life? In other […]

The Three Pillars of Self-Sovereign Identity

The three pillars of self-sovereign identity
What really struck me about several conferences that I have attended recently was the increased number of speakers and questions on the subject of self-sovereign identity (SSI). Adoption and interest is increasing at pace, and new SSI initiatives like the Alberta Credential Ecosystem and LISSI are springing up around the world. Since we launched Sovrin […]

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