June 2022 Release Notes

Evernym June 2022 Release Notes
This month's release notes discuss our integration into Avast's Digital Trust Services team, the latest on Sovrin, and a number of frequently asked questions.

Our Analysis of the EU Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework

EUDI Analysis
We combed through the EUDI Wallet Framework to summarize the good, the bad, and the areas that still need more clarity.

eIDAS 2.0: How Europe Can Define the Digital Identity Blueprint for the World

eIDAS 2.0
In June 2021, the European Commission proposed an update to its pan-European digital identity framework that will enable every European to have a set of digital identity credentials that are recognised anywhere in the EU. At the core of this new initiative are digital wallets –  mobile apps or cloud services that receive and store […]

January 2022 Release Notes

Evernym January 2022 Product Update
This month's update covers Evernym's acquisition by Avast, the launch of cheqd, progress on interoperability, and a roundup of improvements to our core products.