Evernym Commits to Open Source

Evernym Commits to Open Source
Self-Sovereign Identity Without Barriers Openness and freedom are two of the foremost pillars of self-sovereign identity (SSI), and central to our vision here at Evernym. Since our inception, we’ve been passionate about creating a world where individuals are in control over their identity data, where intermediaries don’t extract rent from our interactions, and where we […]

Evernym Joins with Other Solution Providers to Achieve Interoperability Milestone

Evernym and other SSI vendors collaborate on interoperability
Evernym has a vision of ubiquitous verifiable credentials that facilitate every trusted interaction in daily life. We have always recognized that adding a layer of trust to the Internet requires an ecosystem with many stakeholders, including multiple solution vendors. Such a layer demands open, interoperable standards that enable credential issuers, holders, and verifiers to choose […]

Improvements to Connect.Me
and our Mobile SDK

It’s been a busy few months for the mobile engineers at Evernym, and we wanted to take a minute to share a little about what we’ve been working on. A new and improved UI After months of user testing and gathering customer feedback, we’re excited to announce that we are making Connect.Me easier and more […]