DevOps Engineer

This is a full-time position for a remote candidate based in Serbia.

About Evernym

We exist to bring more humanity into our digital interactions.

Even in 2021, it’s very difficult to prove information about yourself including simply who you are. This problem manifests itself every day for billions of people and millions of organizations. You tell the bank your mother’s name, you have to remember hundreds of passwords, and yet even with terrible user experience, fraud is rampant and privacy is lost. It’s a massive pain for humans, it costs billions for organizations. But there’s a fix.

Self-Sovereign Identity (‘SSI’) will revolutionize how people interact with organizations and amongst other things, will allow people to instantly prove who they are while also respecting their privacy. Soon, every person will have a digital wallet on their phone holding their most important credentials (passport, Covid test result status, driver’s license, proof of employment, immigration status, etc.), and it’ll transform how we interact digitally.

Our core product, Verity, makes it simple for any organization to issue or verify digital credentials. Every single organization in the world that interacts with its customers, team, patients, students, etc. will need tools from a company like ours.

We’re a team of around 35 spread across 7 timezones but with concentrations in the US West Coast and Europe. Right now we’re 100% remote, but we may open/re-open offices at our hubs in Seattle, London, Salt Lake City or Belgrade at some stage.

About the role

Evernym’s DevOps operation is spread around the globe and includes build pipelines and tools for Linux, iOS, and Android software (both open- and closed-source).

DevOps specifically supports the Engineering team in what they are doing and participates as contributors in our agile development process.

This position is in our Technical Enablement group, a unique mixture of IT, Operations, Security, Networking and DevOps that is focused on enabling all areas of the company from a technical standpoint.

This position is part of a team that works on and coordinates efforts related to:

  • Engineering build processes and systems
  • Operational IT management of a SaaS-style architecture
  • Enterprise-style automation and configuration management and IT systems
  • Systems security and management

Requirements & Considerations

The successful candidate will have a strong mixture of skills from the following list (the more the better):

  • Experienced-based opinions backed by hard-won wisdom that can provide direction on Devops best practices
    • Build pipelines: Gitlab CICD (strongly preferred) or equivalent
    • Source control: Git, GitHub, GitLab
    • Container orchestration: Kubernetes (required) and Helm (strongly preferred) or similar
  • Experience automating systems including build and deployment pipelines, systems management, etc.
  • AWS knowledge, especially in IAM, EC2, EKS, S3, and DynamodDB (strongly preferred)
  • Experience with Docker images and containers
  • Linux fundamentals
    • SSH
    • Headless administration (CLI only etc.)
    • File permissions
    • etc.
  • Familiarity with common package types and package management systems
    • DEB / Apt
    • RPM / Yum
    • Maven
    • etc.
  • Experience with one or more programming languages
    • Python (Preferred)
    • Bash
    • Nodejs
    • etc.
  • Should:
    • Be able to work with remote colleagues in different timezones.
    • Be articulate and personable
    • Be fearless: jumps in with both feet; speaks up, etc.
    • Love technology and learning how things work (Hate “hand wavy” magic)
    • Enjoy building new things and solving unique problems

Preferred Qualifications


  • Config Management
    • Puppet (preferred)
    • Ansible
    • Chef
    • Cfengine
  • Understand PKI and how asymmetric encryption works
  • NoSQL technologies
    • AWS DynamoDB (Preferred)
    • MongoDB
    • Cassandra
    • etc.
  • Relational Databases
    • Mysql
    • Postgres
    • etc.
  • Good understanding of networking
    • TCP/IP
    • UDP
    • Route tables
    • Firewalls
    • DNS

How To Apply

This is a regular, full-time position, based in Serbia.

We pay competitive startup salaries, offer meaningful equity, support flexible working, and devote company time and resources to social good as well as commercial gain.

Apply by emailing your resume and a paragraph about your interest in this role to with the subject line “DevOps Engineer” and a paragraph or two on why you’re right for this role.