DevOps Engineer

This is a full-time position for a Belgrade-based candidate.

About Evernym

Evernym is building the next generation of digital interactions between individuals, organizations, and things using cutting edge blockchain technology. We knew for this technology to be truly trusted, no one could own it–it must be decentralized–so we created and released Sovrin, the first open-source blockchain dedicated to self-sovereign identity, which now has its own thriving open-source community around it. Evernym works with leading companies, institutions, governments and NGOs to create and deploy new private-by-design solutions which give individuals true control and ownership of their personal data.

We are a global (London, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Belgrade) startup helmed by a team with a track record of execution. We are addressing the crisis of trust which pervades the modern digital world, and we are looking for talented, adventurous, entrepreneurial folks to join us.

About the Role

Evernym’s DevOps operation is spread around the globe and specifically supports the Engineering team in what they are doing. As DevOps engineer you’ll be:

  • Contributing in our agile development processes
  • Working on cutting edge technologies, like world wide distributed ledgers (Hyperledger Indy) and encrypted privacy focused peer to peer exchanges
  • Streamlining pipelines to: reduce build time, manage artifacts, and automate integration testing
  • Provide your own thought leadership on existing processes, and implement solutions

This position is in our Technical Enablement group, a unique mixture of IT, Operations, and DevOps that is focused on enabling all areas of the company from a technical standpoint. We’re looking for strong candidates with a lot of breadth and depth, to further expand and grow an already exceptional team.

The types of technologies that you will be getting into:


  • Cross-platform builds: Linux, Android, iIOS, etc.
  • Build pipelines: Gitlab CI/CD
  • Source control: Git
  • Configuration management: Puppet (preferred) or equivalent
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Package repositories: Apt, Yum, Docker, Maven
  • Scripting: Bash, Python, Ruby


  • AWS: EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, VPC, etc.
  • Linux: Ubuntu, Redhat/CentOS
  • Monitoring and logging: Prometheus, Grafana, ELK
  • Networking and protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP(S)
  • PKI
  • Security: Pentesting, vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Troubleshooting


  • Support the local offices
  • Account management: LDAP, Email, Gsuite, etc.


Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be able to speak in-depth about many of the above technologies
  • Be articulate and personable
  • Be as passionate about changing the world for the better
  • Be excited about learning new technologies
  • Be fearless about solving complex problems that others shy away from
  • Feel empowered to make decisions to solve problems
  • NOT be ok doing menial, mundane work, because they will automate it, to free themselves up to work on more important things
  • Have experienced-based opinions backed by hard-won wisdom that can contribute value back to the team
  • Have a passion for open source technologies and privacy

Other Considerations

  • Everyone in the engineering department is a developer. Everyone is respected the same. Really
  • No egos. No jerks. No politics either.
  • Be hungry! We are looking for someone with a relentless hunger to find the best solutions to really difficult problems.
  • We are serious when we talk about changing the world. It requires a sense of adventure and a desire to grow and stretch abilities. Be willing to drink from the firehose.
  • Have a happy attitude working with remote colleagues in different timezones.

How To Apply

This is a regular, full-time position, based in our Belgrade office.

We pay competitive startup salaries, offer meaningful equity, support flexible working, and devote company time and resources to social good as well as commercial gain.

Apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to