Join our upcoming webinar:

Credentials, COVID-19, and Digital Staff Passports

Innovating and lessons from the NHS frontline

  • Wednesday, Apr 28, 2021
  • 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST
Dr. Manreet 'Manny' Nijjar

As medicine undergoes a rapid digital transformation, the emergence of large quantities of healthcare related data is inevitable. This has been accelerated by COVID-19, with one example being the use of digital health passes. Consideration around holding, presenting, and accessing the information will be vital in continuing the trust built between patients, clinicians, and organizations.

Join us April 28 as we host Dr. Manreet Nijjar, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases at Barts Health NHS Trust, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur fellow, and co-founder of Truu. He’ll share an insider’s perspective on how providers can benefit from more trusted, user-centric data and what it takes to design for the complex privacy, regulatory, and ethical needs facing healthcare.

We’ll cover:

  • Lessons learned from working with self-sovereign identity (SSI) at the NHS, and the needs highlighted when leading the frontline response during COVID-19
  • What digital health passes mean for the adoption of SSI
  • Applying the four principles of healthcare ethics to verifiable credential technology
  • The top use cases for healthcare, including “staff passports” and portable health records

Meet Our Presenter

Dr Manreet Nijjar MB ChB MRCP (London) SCE (Infectious Diseases) is a Consultant in Infectious Diseases & Acute Medicine at Whipps Cross Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK. He is the associate clinical lead for COVID-19 response leading the front line and organizational response at a hospital which has been in one of the worst hit by the pandemic in the country. His work has been recognized nationally in NHS GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) Clinical practice guide for improving the management of COVID-19 patients in secondary care and is reflected in the hospital/NHS trust outcome metrics.

He is also an expert of SSI/Decentralized Digital Identity in healthcare and the Co-founder of Truu, a global credentialing & verification platform for healthcare workers. He has been in the space for five years and has a strong interest in digital and physical trust. He applies the principles of medical ethics as a foundation on how we should be designing and implementing digital technology, business processes, and policy solutions in healthcare & society.