When it comes to identity, those most in need are often most likely to be left behind.

Evernym and Sovrin Foundation, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, are forming Identity For Good. This initiative will provide 5 organizations focused on public good with free access to the latest tools, technology, and expertise surrounding self-sovereign identity (SSI), through the Evernym Accelerator program.

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Applications are now closed. Please check back in 2019.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity, or SSI, is the latest digital identity model which allows any person or organization to maintain complete control of their identity and utter independence from intermediaries. It is safe, secure, portable and cannot be taken away. This makes it an ideal model to safeguard the identity information of the disenfranchised.

The Sovrin network is a distributed ledger purpose-built for self-sovereign identity, a new model of digital identity. Backed by the most advanced cryptography on the planet, the application of this technology is much more approachable than previous thinking.

Learn more about Self-Sovereign Identity here

Evernym’s Accelerator Program

The Evernym Accelerator program was designed to bridge the gap between an organization’s use case and the latest in digital identity technology. Here they can get focused training from the world’s leading identity experts. The aim of the program is to take participants from experimentation to scalable production as quickly as possible.

This whiteglove identity incubator typically comes with a $50K membership fee. A number of free memberships are now being made available on this program for those who can demonstrate public good use cases.


Identity For Good

Those fleeing violence or oppression, survivors of natural disasters, or any number of life-altering circumstances often have one thing in common – the ability to prove who you are is essential to rebuilding a sustainable existence. Yet individuals whose identity may be most fragile are typically furthest from a safe and secure identity. New innovations in digital identity, such as Sovrin, are gathering global momentum and the implications of these advancements are widespread and far-reaching. As this new technology emerges, the gap between at-risk populations and this basic human right must not increase.

That is why the World Economic Forum, Evernym, and the Sovrin Foundation have created the Identity For Good initiative. We are seeking to provide 5 organizations focused on public good with free access to the latest tools, technology, and expertise surrounding self-sovereign identity (SSI), through the Evernym Accelerator program.

Review the features and benefits of the program here.

What we're looking for

In order for the Identity for Good initiative to remain viable, it is vital that we achieve measurable results. With that in mind, we are looking for applicants that roughly fit the following criteria:

  • Not For Profit organization
  • Identity is critical to mission
  • Substantial possible benefit to org/clients
  • Readiness to deploy competent resources
  • Readiness to build pilot if Accelerator is successful
  • If pilot is successful, willing to scale

Application Process

Applications open October 9, 2018 at 9am London time. The application window will remain open until October 23, 2018 at 5pm. Applications are limited to the first 200 submissions and may close early. A combined panel from the World Economic Forum, Sovrin Board of Trustees, and Evernym leadership will then select 10 finalists. Finalists will be interviewed privately and 5 organizations will be selected. Further application windows will open every 3-6 months.

Successful applicants will gain access to the latest Sovrin toolsets, apps and software, access to the Sovrin Test Network, dedicated Slack channels, access to the Accelerator training portal, and regular technology deep-dives. A significant additional benefit is access to other Accelerator participants and the ability to share ideas and build shared projects together.

All applicants will be informed of the results. Successful applicants will need to sign the Accelerator agreement.


September 25

Identity for Good announced

October 9

Applications open for submission

October 31

Applications submission closes

November 6

Finalists announced

November 7-16

Finalist interviews conducted

November 20

5 winners announced