Expert Training, by Evernym

A One-Day Workshop in
Decentralised Identity

  • 23rd July, 2019
  • Central London

At Evernym, we’re seeing increasing interest from organisations all over the world wanting to know more and more about Decentralised Identity—which is why we’re organising a one-day, value-packed workshop for anyone wondering how decentralised identity fits into their goals and bottom line.

What you’ll get:

  • An overview of what decentralised identity is, and how it works
  • An introduction to Sovrin and Hyperledger Indy
  • Real-world use cases and the potential impacts on businesses and sectors
  • Demos of the technology in action
  • Connections to a growing UK ecosystem of innovators

New Date Confirmed:

23rd July, 2019
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Are you already looking at Sovrin or Hyperledger Indy and want to speed up your learning about the technology behind it?

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Are you exploring digital identity as a focus for 2019 and want to make better business and technical decisions, faster?

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Is your organisation going through digital transformation and need to understand how decentralised identity will impact your business strategy (and how you can future-proof the organisation)?

Introducing Evernym's

Discovery Workshop

Evernym – the team that created Hyperledger Indy, and the Sovrin Network – have now designed an interactive discovery workshop to help. In this new face-to-face course, you’ll spend a full day getting straight to the heart of the business and technical aspects of decentralised identity, through a mix of presentations, group tutorials, and working sessions.

You’ll cut out weeks and months of learning and investigation into decentralised technologies, bringing you right up to speed on the latest thinking, especially around Sovrin and Hyperledger Indy.



The opportunity for new, trusted digital identity infrastructure

  • Self Sovereign Identity: what it is, why it’s happening, why now and what it means for the digital economy
  • Bring SSI to life: demonstrations
  • Why Distributed Ledger Technology for Identity? Making Self Sovereign Identity possible
  • The Sovrin Network: A global public utility for identity


Making it happen in your business

  • The real opportunity with SSI: re-imagining the customer relationship
  • Credential workshop: identifying use cases and the commercial opportunity
  • Making it happen: the UK ecosystem opportunity, and getting to production

By the end of this course

Identify a Business Case

Be able to articulate how decentralised identity fits with your organisations’ existing customer experiences and legacy processes.

Understand the Fundamentals

Have an understanding of the theoretical and practical implications and applications of decentralised identity solutions, and the protocols and standards that make them possible.

Learn about Sovrin

Be able to explain how Sovrin works, and describe the capabilities available today and the future, together with how they relate to other ‘blockchain identity’ approaches.

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