White Papers

This library contains Evernym-created white papers, research, guides, and links to relevant third-party produced documentation.

All files are PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

The Inevitable Rise of Self-Sovereign Identity

An introduction to the key concepts of self-sovereign identity, and why Sovrin represents the solution to so many of today’s identity challenges.

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The Technical Foundations of Sovrin

A description of Sovrin’s technical underpinnings and the various components which make up the Sovrin Identity Network.

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What Goes On The Ledger

A white paper from Evernym in cooperation with the Sovrin Foundation. An overview of what’s on the Sovrin distributed ledger and why.

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How Sovrin Works

Some illustrated practical examples of key Sovrin features in action.

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The Sovrin Founding Steward Agreement

The Founding Steward Agreement is the contract for the initial Stewards of the network (trusted institutions who operate Sovrin Network validator nodes).

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The Sovrin Identity Owner Agreement

The Identity Owner Agreement is the contract for identity owners on the network.

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Becoming a Sovrin Steward

An introduction to the benefits and responsibilities associated with becoming a steward.

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Sovrin Glossary

Key terms, explained.

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Sovrin Getting Started Guide

A technical orientation guide using the Sovrin Command Line interface.

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