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IATA: Reopening Global Travel with IATA Travel Pass

Case study: How Evernym and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are using digital health credentials to enable safe, contactless travel.

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MemberPass™: Revolutionizing "Hello" in Banking

Case study: How Bonifii uses Verity and Connect.Me to enable credit unions to instantly authenticate their members every time they walk into a branch, use a drive-up teller service, or call into a contact center.

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Integrating SuccessFactors with Verity

Onfido & Deloitte

Onfido & Deloitte:
Piloting SSI for KYC


Revolutionizing the checkout process

Creating a global DID solution


Reimagining customer loyalty programs


Empowering learners with academic credentials


Transforming the call center experience


Bringing verifiable ID to online gaming

Discovering Evernym and its tech in the last two weeks has totally changed my view on data privacy and the sharing of information.

Bob Mulder
Business Analyst, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Verity makes me feel like being a kid in a candy shop. It’s hard not to be excited when there’s so much you can do with it. The hardest part is choosing what use case to pursue first.

Product Development, MN8 Technology

Got [the Verity SDK] setup straight from Maven, everything went smooth and no code refactoring needed. Documentation access is also great. So yeah, thank you! You guys really nailed it.

Software Developer, AND Digital

Evernym has put Truu at the forefront of decentralized healthcare identity. We have worked closely with Evernym to enable doctors to control their own portable digital identities at a higher level of trust than current standards.

Dr. Manreet Nijjar
Co-Founder, Truu

Evernym is helping us develop our strategic response to the self-sovereign identity market opportunity. With access to Evernym’s insight, tools, and expertise, we’ll be able to rapidly experiment with this technology and its potential applications to the benefit of both individuals and business.

Ed Black
Director of Innovation, Barclaycard Payment Solutions

We looked around at different organizations and very quickly got to Evernym as very credible. We saw that they had built out Sovrin and that they had supplied it into Hyperledger. The fact that they had done that, to us, showed a lot about the way they were thinking, and that immediately ticked a motivation box. The more we looked at them, it was obvious that they had fantastic people.

David Harney
CEO, Irish Life

We’re thrilled to be working alongside the top thought leaders in the SSI space. SSI requires education and a mindset shift — from corporations to consumers. As we solve many problems to do with data privacy, usage and control, partnerships with industry leaders is required to unlock this new paradigm.

Mathieu Glaude
CEO, Northern Block

We just did a great live demo of verifiable credential exchange at the Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain conference in Boston. It was very well received so thanks to this community for the support to make this possible!

Daniel Fritz
Domain Architect, Novartis

By partnering with Evernym, we have extended the idea of self-sovereign identity beyond individuals to legal entities for the first time.

Stephan Wolf

We needed to understand how the tech that SSI is built upon fit within our existing business model, and partnering with Evernym helped us do that. We feel very much that we got so far along, so much sooner, because of the help we got from Evernym.

Takis Diakoumis
CTO, Digitary

And, we work with some pretty incredible partners.

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