Trusted identity infrastructure:
The platform for the Edge.

Evernym is developing a sophisticated identity platform built on Sovrin. These tools and products are designed by the same team that created Sovrin to significantly ease the deployment and integration of self-sovereign identity infrastructure in many different industries.

Evernym is your enterprise partner
in the Sovrin identity ecosystem:

Turnkey solution for hosting and managing Sovrin nodes

Trust Anchor for creating identities for individuals and organizations

Messaging stack for secure and privacy-protecting data exchange

API suite and GUI tools for issuing and verifying digital credentials

Integrating & interoperating with other distributed ledgers

An app as unique as your customers.

Evernym’s consumer app puts the individual at the center of their interactions. Built for security and ease of use, provides a place where individuals can manage their connections, keys and verifiable claims, giving them true control over their digital identity for the first time.

Meet Evernym’s Sovrin stack.

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Sovrin, Evernym’s platform offers developers, solutions providers and systems integrators the tools they need to break down data silos, onboard users more seamlessly, and make trust a key value proposition.

Deployed standalone or tightly integrated into an existing offering, hosted on premise or on our secure cloud infrastructure, Evernym’s smart agent software is the enterprise bridge to trusted peer interactions.

Reduce Friction and Gain More Control

Out of band authentication

Support passwordless login and multifactor authentication with the cryptographic confidence of a user’s Sovrin identity.

Remote customer onboarding

Dispense with burdensome online forms and lengthy manual reviews: let users provide instantly verified data about themselves on the web, on mobile and in person.

Issue & manage digital credentials

No more printing paper certificates and maintaining ancient files: issue digitally signed, cryptographically auditable academic and professional credentials which can be accepted anywhere.

Ease compliance headaches

Auditable consent records. Selective disclosure. Non-correlation. User control. Requirements in GDPR and PSD2, and key components of self-sovereign identity.

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