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Verity Dashboard

Issue, accept, and verify digital credentials with Verity

Our flagship digital credential platform (Verity) enables organizations to offer a decentralized, self-sovereign identity solution for their users.

Issue and accept secure digital credentials that can be instantly verified with Evernym’s enterprise credential exchange platform

Empower individuals with digital representations of their qualifications, certifications, memberships, and entitlements

Receive and verify credentials from an open, standards-based ecosystem to bring trusted data into your customer journeys and business processes

Easily integrate into existing software or use the Verity UI to execute simple proof of concept flows without writing a single line of code

Available to install on-premise or hosted in Evernym’s cloud infrastructure

Enable a single, consistent authentication experience with Verity: Auth

Verity: Auth empowers organizations to break down digital identity silos–without the headaches or security concerns of legacy IAM tools.

Offer returning users a convenient and secure authentication experience with Evernym’s self-sovereign single-sign-on solution

Use verifiable credentials to allow all the benefits of passwordless login in a flexible, decentralized architecture

Enable a single, consistent experience across technical and business domains, both within and between organizations

Avoid the single points of failure, management overhead, data governance, and privacy headaches that can arise from building “bigger, better silos” with legacy infrastructure

Integrate into popular IAM platforms and custom solutions using a developer-friendly SDK or industry-standard APIs and plugins

Verity Onboard platform for streamlined user onboarding

Acquire and verify new users more quickly with Verity Onboard

With Verity Onboard, organizations can dramatically expedite user onboarding—saving company resources and delighting customers in the process.

Acquire new users quickly and confidently using Evernym’s turnkey identity verification and remote onboarding solution

Embrace the trend towards BYOID (bring your own identity), and enjoy the cost and customer experience benefits of secure third-party identity verification

Eliminate lengthy forms and abandoned sign-ups by allowing users to register in one click using verified data

Support age verification and geographical restrictions without requiring users to divulge more than they are comfortable with by enabling pseudonymous or anonymous registration, based on zero-knowledge cryptography

Create powerful peer-to-peer connections that can be used for the life of the customer relationship

Put the customer at the center of their interactions with Connect.Me

Evernym’s free digital wallet app, Connect.Me, puts consumers in complete control over their digital identity.

Securely store and manage all your verifiable digital credentials on your smartphone - we never see your personal data

Control precisely what and with whom you share your data

Form private, secure connections that you fully control with institutions and individuals, and interact without relying on a centralized authority

Enjoy frictionless account registration and secure login with participating institutions and interoperate with a growing ecosystem of credential issuing organizations

Download Connect.Me on the App Store Download Connect.Me for Android

Go to market, fast, with Agent Hosting Services

At Evernym, we’re committed to building an ecosystem around self-sovereign identity. Our experts are on hand to help your organization succeed.

Leverage Evernym’s cloud agent hosting (“agency”) platform in your own application based on Hyperledger Indy

Develop business applications, custom integrations, or consumer apps using pre-built open source libraries combined with enterprise support

Get results faster with packaged and tested builds of Indy SDK and VCX so you can focus on your use case, not on the blockchain

Enjoy the flexibility of a secure and highly available Hyperledger Indy agent in the cloud while your keys and private data remain strictly within your domain of control

Testimonial Irish Life
“ With access to Evernym’s insight, tools and expertise, we’ll be able to fast track our learning and better understand the implications of self-sovereign identity. And most importantly, we can rapidly experiment with this technology and its potential applications to the benefit of both individuals and business. ”
Testimonial Irish Life
“ The Accelerator has given us very clear first steps to explore self sovereign identity. With experts on hand, we are able to learn quickly and develop real solutions that directly benefit our customers, partners and the wider business. ”
Testimonial Tykn
“ We just did a great live demo of verifiable credential exchange at the Blockchain in Pharma Supply Chain conference in Boston. It was very well received so thanks to this community for the support to make this possible! ”
Testimonial Tykn
“ We're excited to be part of the Accelerator. We see self-sovereign identity as a pivotal new technology that can help us better address humanitarian needs. The Accelerator provides access to a set of first-rate tools and expertise that will allow us to learn about and confidently apply the technology. ”

Why Evernym?

Evernym is creating a world of more meaningful connections, which bring individuals and institutions together in mutual digital trust.

Traditional identity infrastructure does a disservice to human dignity and modern business values. We’re here to change all that.

Open Source

Open source runs deep at Evernym, from the core of our consumer and enterprise products to the millions of dollars of IP we have contributed to the decentralized identity community. Choosing Evernym means choosing an open, future-proofed solution.

Network Agnostic

Evernym’s products are compatible with any Hyperledger Indy network, so whether you’re running a stealth innovation project on a private network or ready for prime time on the global public Sovrin MainNet, we can support you.

Market Leaders

We’re the original creator of Sovrin and the primary contributor of Hyperledger Indy, so all that expertise is baked into our products. And when you need support implementing your use case, those same experts are on hand to help.

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