Building SSI solutions has never been easier.

Meet the first enterprise-grade verifiable credential platform designed around ease of use and interoperability.

  • Easy integration with back-end systems
  • Designed for scale and assurance
  • Built on open source and open standards
Meet Evernym's self-sovereign identity platform


Our decentralized protocol platform
for issuing and verifying digital credentials.

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Connect.Me Mobile Wallet App


Our consumer mobile wallet app
for holding and sharing credentials.

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Embedded Wallet SDK

Embedded Wallet SDK

Embedded SSI wallet functionality
for your organization’s existing apps.

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Our September 2020 webinar walked through Verity’s main features and benefits, showed a live demo of Verity in action, and provided a sneak peek at our product roadmap.

Our flagship digital credential platform


  • Issue digital verifiable credentials directly to SSI-based wallets.
  • Verify credentials held in SSI-based wallets simply and easily.
  • Easily integrate with back-end systems, using REST APIs and SDKs in three popular languages.
  • Build for scale, with enterprise-grade architecture designed to support millions of users.
  • Future-proof your credential architecture, through built-in compliance with emerging open standards, including Hyperledger Aries, W3C DIDs, and W3C Verifiable Credentials.

The fastest, most efficient way for organizations to offer an SSI-enabled solution for their users. Available to install on-premise or hosted in Evernym’s cloud infrastructure.

Our digital wallet app


  • Enable customers and end users to manage all of their digital credentials from the safety of their own phone.
  • Create secure, 1:1 communication channels with peers and organizations.
  • Share information with confidence, knowing that it will only be seen by you and your connection.
  • Use zero-knowledge proofs to eliminate excess data collection.

The original SSI mobile wallet app, already powering live pilots across the financial services and healthcare industries.

Connect.Me, the first Sovrin-based digital wallet app
Evernym Connect.Me Embedded Wallet SDK
Our mobile digital wallet integration

Embedded Wallet SDK

  • Embed Connect.Me-like mobile wallet functionality into an existing branded app.
  • Allow users to benefit from verifiable credentials without installing a third-party app.

Our mobile SDK allows any app to become a digital wallet. This means you can authenticate and securely message your customers directly from an existing loyalty app.

Why Evernym?


Built For Scale

All of our products are rigorously tested and designed for scale. Start with a simple use case and scale to millions of users with confidence.



Our technology is powering live projects around the globe, including helping credit unions authenticate their customers and enabling hospitals to verify staff qualifications.

Customer Support

Dedicated Support

Our team is committed to your success, and we’re here to help each step of the way, from POC to production.

Future-proofed self-sovereign identity solutions


Evernym is a leading contributor to the development of open standards, and we’re committed to compliance.

Open Source SSI

No Vendor Lock-In

At Evernym, we believe in open source and true portability, which means you’ll never be tied down to a vendor, platform, or wallet.

Interoperable SSI

Interoperable By Design

While most of today’s projects are built on the Sovrin/Indy network, we anticipate a surge in options and are committed to interoperability.

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