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Evernym and HearRo Partner to Transform the Call Center Experience

HearRo and Evernym partner for a better customer experience
Knowledge-based authentication has never been a highlight of over-the-phone customer service, yet it’s a critical component. Before you can support a customer, you have to be able to pull up her records and prove that she is who she says she is. Typically, we see over-the-phone authentication take the form of silly security questions: “Before […]

Contract For The Web: SSI’s Role in “Fixing the Internet”

SSI's role in fixing the Internet - Tim Berners-Lee's Contract For The Web
Today, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee published the “Contract For The Web” – a set of guiding principles for governments, companies, and citizens designed to ‘fix the Internet.’ It states:  The contract combines three broad components – business, legal, and technical. It is essentially a high-level governance framework that underlines good behaviors and recommends […]

Making Digital Identity Work For All: The Role of Guardianship in SSI

Guardianship's role in self-sovereign identity for all
The story of self-sovereign identity is the story of digital freedom and inclusion. SSI shows us the world as it should be—where our interactions are safe and secure, where we know and trust the party on the other end, and where our privacy is protected. It takes the risk out of our transactions and allows […]

Staying True to SSI Principles: Our Concerns about GADI

Decentralized identity and GADI
Last Thursday evening, during an internal summit meeting, a group of Evernym employees gathered to discuss why they work here—to articulate precisely what makes us so passionate about building a global self-sovereign identity (SSI) ecosystem. It was a highly memorable meeting because the more we talked about our “why,” the more the passion surfaced. Empowering […]

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