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Getting to Practical Interop With Verifiable Credentials

Practical interoperability
Standards compliance is a noble ideal, but by itself, it’s not going to get us to practical interop on verifiable credentials (VCs). That’s because there’s not enough agreement on which standards we’re talking about, and the ones we all like aren’t clear enough to force alignment. The W3C’s Verifiable Credential standard defines a data model, […]

Evernym Commits to Open Source

Evernym Commits to Open Source
Self-Sovereign Identity Without Barriers Openness and freedom are two of the foremost pillars of self-sovereign identity (SSI), and central to our vision here at Evernym. Since our inception, we’ve been passionate about creating a world where individuals are in control over their identity data, where intermediaries don’t extract rent from our interactions, and where we […]

Evernym Joins with Other Solution Providers to Achieve Interoperability Milestone

Evernym and other SSI vendors collaborate on interoperability
Evernym has a vision of ubiquitous verifiable credentials that facilitate every trusted interaction in daily life. We have always recognized that adding a layer of trust to the Internet requires an ecosystem with many stakeholders, including multiple solution vendors. Such a layer demands open, interoperable standards that enable credential issuers, holders, and verifiers to choose […]