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Using digital identity to stamp out credential fraud and fake diplomas

Credential fraud and diploma mills in higher education
The moment you learn that someone you care about has received a serious diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can trust your doctor. How would you feel if you discovered that one of the medical professionals responsible for helping them navigate their illness had never gone to […]

Teaming up with prominent UK FinTechs B-Social, Curve, Monese, and Seedrs to test decentralized identity with Onfido and Deloitte

Evernym teams up with four prominent UK fintechs to test self-sovereign identity
At Evernym, we’re not reserved about saying self-sovereign identity (SSI) will change everything.  SSI’s been called everything from the “New Internet” and “Blockchain’s Killer App” to the “Holy Grail,” and while the metaphors may be a little much, it’s hard to overstate the impact this new paradigm will have on making our digital relationships more […]

Decentralized Identifiers are one step closer to becoming an official W3C web standard

W3C announces new working group for decentralized identifiers (DIDs)
We’re proud to announce that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has approved a charter for a new Working Group tasked with standardizing the data model and syntax of decentralized identifiers (DIDs)—the linchpin of self-sovereign identity. The Decentralized Identifier Working Group will be co-chaired by Daniel Burnett of ConsenSys and our own senior crypto engineer, […]

What does self-sovereign identity mean for Finance? We asked the experts.

Self-sovereign identity in finance
Last week, we were joined by over 250 registrants and three expert panelists for a webinar discussing what self-sovereign identity means for banks, credit unions, FinTechs, and other financial service businesses—and how organizations can prepare for this shift. The event was moderated by our own Andy Tobin, a veteran of Europe’s mobile banking industry, and […]

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