Celebrating the Launch
of the cheqd Network

Cheqd Network Launch
We’d like to congratulate our friends at cheqd on launching a production token-enabled network for verifiable identity that supports W3C standards for decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials! The cheqd network allows for the exchange of identity credentials in a decentralized and self-sovereign manner. This puts individuals in control of their digital information, with the ability […]

October 2021 Release Notes

Learn what's new with the Evernym platform with our October 2021 update
This month's product update covers a new identity document verification capability and a new Connect.Me demo site, along with improvements to Verity Flow and our VDR tools.

Does the W3C Still Believe in Tim Berners-Lee’s Vision of Decentralization?

Does the W3C Still Believe in Tim Berners-Lee’s Vision of Decentralization?
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is facing a critical decision on decentralized identifiers (DIDs) that may come down to a democratic vote on how much decentralization really matters. We've analyzed what it means and why it matters.

September 2021 Release Notes

Evernym's September 2021 Product Update
In the fourth installment of our monthly product release notes series, we’re excited to share several big updates including: Recent pricing changes at Sovrin An update on our standardization efforts Useful additions to the product documentation Automated interoperability testing Adapting our VDR tools for the cheqd network Read on for more details about those items. […]