Your User Is Your API

Woman using Connect.Me for travel credential
One of the most powerful uses for digital credentials is the exchange of data between departments or even entirely separate organizations. A job candidate should be able to prove education and employment. A customer should be able to prove membership in a loyalty program and the receipt of past transactions. A patient should be able […]

Reimagining Customer Loyalty Programs With Verifiable Credentials: A Pravici Case Study

Customer loyalty and verifiable credentials
How Pravici is using verifiable credentials and Evernym to give customers control over their personal data.

Why the Verifiable Credentials Community Should Converge on BBS+

With digital health passes like the IATA Travel Pass becoming the focus of TV news and talk shows, the interest in W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) has never been higher. And the fact that digital passes contain sensitive personal health data is shining an extra bright spotlight on privacy. This underscores the crucial role of zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology in VCs, of which Evernym has been a most vocal proponent. This blog post explains the history of ZKP with VCs, and why the new BBS+ ZKP signature scheme is the breakthrough the industry has been looking for to converge on a

The EU Digital Green Certificate Program: Analysis & Comparison

EU Digital Green Certificate Program
Quick Summary Although the EU’s approach to COVID-19 health certificates (the Digital Green Certificate) implements existing technology and supports both paper and digital credentials, offline usage, and speedy verification, it makes a number of security and privacy compromises. Our analysis found it to be inherently centralised and better suited for low assurance use cases. Background […]