Two days, 11 hacks: A recap of the NHS Staff Access Hackathon

NHS Staff Access Hackathon
Last Tuesday, we wrapped up a two-day hackathon focusing on the role of verifiable credentials in digital staff access and other innovations across the healthcare space. The event was organized by INTEROPen and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), with Evernym providing technical support through training workshops, developer office hours, free access to Verity, […]

Building the Future of Staff Access: Supporting INTEROPen’s Staff Passport Hackathon

NHS Staff Access Hackathon
We’re proud to announce that we’ll be supporting the world’s first Digital Staff Access Hackathon, which will be held virtually September 21-22.  The hackathon is organized by INTEROPen with support from the UK’s National Health System (NHS), the world’s fifth-largest employer with 1.5 million employees. The NHS has been an early champion of verifiable credentials […]

What’s new in Verity?

Verity 2.0
A new milestone for the world’s most advanced verifiable credential platform   In 2018, we launched Verity 1.0 (or “VCX” as it was known) as the first reliable, end-to-end solution for connecting decentralized identifiers, issuing credentials, and verifying proofs using Hyperledger Indy and Sovrin. Since then, it has powered pioneering decentralized identity projects for over […]