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Knowledge-based authentication has never been a highlight of over-the-phone customer service, yet it’s a critical component. Before you can support a customer, you have to be able to pull up her records and prove that she is who she says she is. Typically, we see over-the-phone authentication take the form of silly security questions: “Before...
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The investment marks a new chapter for Evernym, as customers have begun to deploy the first live decentralized identity solutions. (Salt Lake City, UT – Sep 26) – Evernym, a market leader in Self-Sovereign Identity solutions, announces today that it has closed an $8M pre-series A funding round with investors including Barclays Ventures and Medici...
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At Evernym, we’re not reserved about saying self-sovereign identity (SSI) will change everything.  SSI’s been called everything from the “New Internet” and “Blockchain’s Killer App” to the “Holy Grail,” and while the metaphors may be a little much, it’s hard to overstate the impact this new paradigm will have on making our digital relationships more...
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We’re proud to announce that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has approved a charter for a new Working Group tasked with standardizing the data model and syntax of decentralized identifiers (DIDs)—the linchpin of self-sovereign identity. The Decentralized Identifier Working Group will be co-chaired by Daniel Burnett of ConsenSys and our own senior crypto engineer,...
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Today, we’re proud to say we are one step closer to a world of self-sovereignty—to a world where anyone can take back ownership of their digital identity—with the “general availability” release of Connect.Me, the first digital wallet app built on Sovrin. Connect.Me represents the first example of what giving control back to the individual consumer...
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