Alex Andrade-Walz
Happy 2020!  We’re back with our first newsletter of the year, where we’re highlighting how self-sovereign identity (SSI) fits into GDPR and CCPA, exciting new SSI pilots, the role of blockchain in combating deepfakes and location tracking, and a look at what SSI means for both universities and retailers. We’re also excited to announce a...
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Knowledge-based authentication has never been a highlight of over-the-phone customer service, yet it’s a critical component. Before you can support a customer, you have to be able to pull up her records and prove that she is who she says she is. Typically, we see over-the-phone authentication take the form of silly security questions: “Before...
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The story of self-sovereign identity is the story of digital freedom and inclusion. SSI shows us the world as it should be—where our interactions are safe and secure, where we know and trust the party on the other end, and where our privacy is protected. It takes the risk out of our transactions and allows...
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This past weekend, Outlier Ventures held their inaugural Diffusion 2019 conference in Berlin, where 500+ developers and entrepreneurs came together to promote digital innovation. The event was a two-day conference on Web 3.0 protocols in Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Big Data, culminating in a hackathon that tasked participants with combining a set of 15 protocols...
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  Between the Internet Identity Workshop (‘IIW’), Sibos, ID2020, and MyData, we’ve had a busy conference month – here is the next installment of our monthly newsletter to give you the latest SSI stories and developments.  It’s also been a great month for Evernym and our customers; since our last newsletter, we announced an $8M...
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