Introducing the
Evernym Mobile SDK

Building a custom digital wallet has never been easier.

We’re excited to formally launch the Evernym Mobile SDK, our newest product that enables developers to integrate the functionality of our privacy-preserving Connect.Me digital wallet into any existing iOS or Android app.

This all means you can give your users the privacy, security, and trust benefits of verifiable credentials while maintaining a seamless and convenient customer experience.

Today’s release was made possible with the help of many of our incredible customers who have participated in the product’s beta. It’s through your feedback that we’ve been able to iterate, refine, and ultimately launch a product that will help make self-sovereign identity more accessible to all.

Examples of the Evernym Mobile SDK in action, by Bonifii and Lumedic

There’s a lot to be excited about with this new release, but we’ve done our best to feature the highlights below —

A true edge wallet: Privacy by design and default

At Evernym, we take great pride in advancing the use of Safe Credentials, and we remain committed to never taking shortcuts or making compromises when it comes to personal safety. The Evernym Mobile SDK epitomizes this stance and has been designed around the highest levels of security, privacy, and decentralization.

Put simply, launching a new app with the Evernym Mobile SDK doesn’t mean simply modifying a UI over a custodial cloud wallet sitting on our servers. It means offering your users a true edge wallet, in which keys are stored at the protocol edge in the user’s device, rather than on an intermediary system. Your data lives with you, the contacts you create are yours, and any communication within the app is private and secure.

An important characteristic of our mobile SDK is how it leverages zero-knowledge proof technology. This allows for selective disclosure and data minimization—for example, giving a consumer the ability to prove that they are over a certain age without revealing their full date of birth or any other extraneous information typically shared when showing a physical credential.

Furthermore, the solution integrates with our cloud agency, which prevents third parties from observing a user’s connections and ensures that their messages are not lost when their device is offline, without being able to read the user’s data.

Applications built on the Evernym Mobile SDK will continue to benefit as we incorporate new technologies and standards, such as BBS Signatures. Out of the box, these applications will be interoperable with products across the verifiable credentials ecosystem as a result of our efforts to lead standards development and solution testing.

A branded customer experience

The Evernym Mobile SDK enables organizations to maintain a seamless customer experience and a consistent brand image. We make it easy to adjust color schemes, iconography, and other user interface components to match your brand’s look-and-feel.

We’ve already seen a number of live examples of how customers have adapted our base designs to match their own branding and user experiences:

Customer deployments of the Evernym Mobile SDK

A fast-track to production

The Evernym Mobile SDK makes the full capabilities of Connect.Me available through flexible programmatic interfaces. This means you can add SSI capabilities to an existing mobile application using the SDK’s native libraries, or you can customize the SDK’s example ReactNative application to add a custom workflow—all while effortlessly incorporating privacy best practices.

Our goal in designing the Mobile SDK was to make it as quick and easy as possible for developers to start building. A mobile developer can build an SSI-enabled mobile application in mere hours by leveraging our:

  • ReactNative sample app;
  • NPM packages;
  • Full native library support in ObjectiveC, Java, and Kotlin;
  • Easy configuration scripts;
  • Plug-and-play EULA terms;
  • Integration with a cloud agency for message routing;
  • Push notifications and custom message support; and,
  • Technical support and developer resources.

Offer your users a digital wallet today

Eager to start building? We encourage you to dive into the documentation and example code, both of which we made public with today’s release.

If you have questions, or would like a custom quote for production usage or premium support, fill out the form below.