Meet Connect.Me, the first Sovrin-based digital wallet

Today, we’re proud to say we are one step closer to a world of self-sovereignty—to a world where anyone can take back ownership of their digital identity—with the “general availability” release of Connect.Me, the first digital wallet app built on Sovrin.

Connect.Me represents the first example of what giving control back to the individual consumer looks like. Using Connect.Me, individuals can:

  • Form private, pairwise cryptographic connections with other entities in the Sovrin ecosystem
  • Gather digital credentials
  • Present digital proofs of part or all of your credentials, privately and securely
  • Store (and restore from) a backup of your digital wallet wherever you want
  • Answer secure messages from any connection you have


Connect.Me Sovrin-based identity wallet

Early adopters of the app include Truu, a London-based platform working to provide a secure, verifiable digital identity for doctors, and CULedger, a Denver-based company focused on bringing cutting-edge innovation to the credit union industry. And, if you’re ever visiting Deloitte’s London office, you can even use the app to prove your age and unlock their blockchain-enabled beer fridge. Talk about versatility!

Connect.Me also includes an integration with the identity verification company Onfido. The integration—which we’re currently piloting in the US, Canada, and UK markets—allows users to verify their identity with existing physical credentials, such as a passport or driver’s license, and obtain a digital credential which can be used in pilots and trials across the Sovrin ecosystem.

On the integration, Onfido’s CEO Husayn Kassai commented, “We’re looking forward to jointly moving the identity debate beyond theory and whitepapers to pragmatic delivery of a solution that protects the privacy and security of individuals, whilst making it easier for them to get access to the financial products and services they need.”

And we’re only just getting started.

As the underlying technology for decentralized identity grows and matures, so will Connect.Me, and so will the number of truly decentralized applications worldwide. The core credential exchange technology that powers Connect.Me is being adopted on a global scale, via Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Ursa, and most recently, Hyperledger Aries. The launch of Connect.Me represents just the latest milestone in the rise of decentralized identity as we get ever closer to putting digital identity back into the hands of the consumer.


See Connect.Me in action

Wondering what a self-sovereign world looks like? Download the app (iOS, Android) and follow our Getting Started guide, which will walk you through the exercise of receiving and sharing credentials with three fictitious organizations.

And, if you have any feedback, make sure to find the Feedback button in the app to let us know what you think!

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