Bringing self-sovereign identity to life. Here at Evernym we consider ourselves to be in a very privileged position: we get to tell the world about Self-sovereign identity (SSI). In fact, we’ve already spoken to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people from all over the world, in nearly every market imaginable. Frankly, it’s infectiously fun to be...
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Unless it really is. There’s a brilliant series of promotional videos called “Will it blend?” set in a 70s-style game show, where the host takes various items and asks “Will it blend?” before sticking them into a blender. Ipads, snow skis, golf clubs, even super glue and silly putty have been blended into oblivion, with...
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How self-sovereign identity (SSI) is different, and why it’s better. As a relative “noob” in the identity world — five years and counting — it may seem presumptuous for me to distill all the types of digital identity relationships into just three models. But it needs doing. Why? Because there’s a new kid on the identity block — “self-sovereign” identity (SSI) — that...
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