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Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the self-sovereign identity chasm
Bringing self-sovereign identity to life. Here at Evernym we consider ourselves to be in a very privileged position: we get to tell the world about Self-sovereign identity (SSI). In fact, we’ve already spoken to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people from all over the world, in nearly every market imaginable. Frankly, it’s infectiously fun to be […]

Don’t call it self-sovereign identity.

Unless it really is. There’s a brilliant series of promotional videos called “Will it blend?” set in a 70s-style game show, where the host takes various items and asks “Will it blend?” before sticking them into a blender. Ipads, snow skis, golf clubs, even super glue and silly putty have been blended into oblivion, with […]

On personal data

Personal privacy
We need to clear up some misconceptions about personal data before they perpetuate past the point of no return. Personal data ≠ private data. Although many people use the terms “private data” and “personal data” interchangeably, the term “private data” has no meaning at law. While “personal data” under EU law means “any information relating […]

Open Source Tools for Creating Digital Identities

Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK
Evernym releases a Credential Exchange SDK I joined Evernym as a Product Manager at the start of April, 2018. I was captured by Evernym’s ambition to provide every individual, organization, and connected device with secure and irrevocable identity. This identity will allow new relationships that will empower individuals as they participate in the modern technology-centered economy. You can […]

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