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Australia proposes ‘GDPR with sharper teeth’

Australia proposes GDPR-like privacy regulation
Add Australia to the list of countries cracking down on tech giants in light of rising concerns over data privacy. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released its Digital Platforms Inquiry, a 619-page report on the ACCC’s 18-month study of the problems associated with the dominance of Facebook and Google as the preeminent […]

Why do we use a blockchain for self-sovereign identity?

How blockchain fits into self-sovereign identity
(Hint: It’s not to store personal information.)   When people hear that companies want to use blockchain to provide digital credentials, their first reaction tends to be skeptical: “How can it be safe to put personal information on a public ledger where anyone can see the information?” This is a common misconception we’ve grown accustomed […]

5 Ways Decentralized Identity Will Cut Costs and Grow Revenues

The ROI of Decentralized Identity
Heralded as the “New Internet,” decentralized identity is poised to change how we do, well… everything. From changing the way we think about personal data to removing the notion of passwords altogether, decentralized, or self-sovereign, identity ushers in a new era of private, secure communication between consumers, businesses, and governments. And while we talk a lot about the impact […]

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