Introducing the
Evernym Mobile SDK

Introducing the Evernym Mobile SDK

June 2021 Release Notes

Evernym's June 2021 Release Notes
Connect.Me 1.5, Improved Verity Docs, and the Launch of Our Mobile SDK It’s been a busy couple of months here at Evernym, and we want to provide a quick update on what our Engineering and Product teams have been working on. Connect.Me 1.5 Back in March, we released one of the biggest updates yet for […]

Your User Is Your API

Woman using Connect.Me for travel credential
One of the most powerful uses for digital credentials is the exchange of data between departments or even entirely separate organizations. A job candidate should be able to prove education and employment. A customer should be able to prove membership in a loyalty program and the receipt of past transactions. A patient should be able […]

Reimagining Customer Loyalty Programs With Verifiable Credentials: A Pravici Case Study

Customer loyalty and verifiable credentials
How Pravici is using verifiable credentials and Evernym to give customers control over their personal data.